Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Spirit of the New Year

So, are you superstitious??? I can be, sometimes, not always, not about all of the various wives tales, but some of them, I kinda believe in, like the spirit of the New Year. I have no idea what the origins of this superstition is, I can only tell you that it has been a part of my life since I was a very young child. And it basically goes like this....whatever you want to do for the year, do it a little bit on New Year's Day. So, I have been busy today.....

1. I had lunch with a good friend.
2. I spent time with my family.
3. I organized the garage and removed all of the things that are not purposeful. I plan on doing a lot more of this in the coming year. Streamlining, organizing, renewing spaces.
4. I hit the gym for a workout.
5. I did some knitting (not a lot, but some).
6. I did some piecing.
7. I even did a little quilting on my domestic machine.
8. I took some photos.
9. I blogged (or rather am blogging at this point).
10. I made a to-do list (you know how much I love lists, so you shouldn't be surprised).
11. I prepped a bunch of patterns for mailing.
12. I sent out an order.
13. I order some products for the shop.
14. I visited my favorite stores and spent my free money (that is my christmas gift cards) = free stuff.
15. Did some cooking, and some baking.
16. I spent some time focusing on what I want to accomplish this year.
17. I did some laundry, and some house maintenance (because I have some big plans to buy/renovate a house this year, not because I want to do tons of laundry or cleaning, because that is just a ridiculous idea).
18. I cashed some checks -- (I really hope that this one works, it was a funny idea from a friend of mine when we talked about superstitions). He is convinced this means I will win the lotto, I figure it can't hurt...right???
19. And there are a few things I didn't do --- I didn't write any checks or have any fights or disagreements. I didn't drink any soda (i know, crazy right??). I was careful to not spill anything, and to drive carefully. 
20. I called my Mom.
21. I spoke of kindness and friendship, and the importance of family, because really, isn't that what every day should be about???

So, the superstitious me will say goodnight, with promises to return later this week with results for the giveaways, and some new information.

Happy Quilting!


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