Friday, June 29, 2012


My oh my! In 8 days I will be in Montana at Certified Instructor training ! I can't quite believe it is next week, it's been so far away for so long and suddenly it's time to pack and plan and go! I am so excited to see the new pattern and really play with some color ways....the certified shop education was a few weeks ago, and I got to see some blocks and components, but no full quilts yet! Seriously folks, it's driving me crazy, I want to see some finished ones SO badly! More later this week once I have my fabric requirements from Carrie.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Lovelies -- from the amazing people of Hoffman Fabrics

If you know me, you know I have a love of batiks -- okay, perhaps obsession is a better description. I love, love, love them...for their rich, deep colors, for their depth, and for the complexity of design. What can I say, I love them!!! (in case you were wondering).

So, since I didn't get to go to Market this spring in Kansas City, I decided to stop in at Hoffman to see the fabrics first hand and place my orders for fall. And I was completely blown away, the new colors are fabulous (the purples are BACK!!!), there are some great new prints, and there is a whole line set in black and white !!!! Anf if you know me, you know my second favorite color way is black and white, so I had to order them all...yes, all. And now I must wait for them to arrive and drool over the online shots and the paper versions....seriously folks, it's torture over here.

And since I'm being tortured by the loveliness, I thought I would share some of it with you....specifically the new bali pops, and some new products straight from Hoffman....

The new Bali Pops (2 1/2" strips)....named after desserts (or ice cream, either way, completely yummy!)

 Brown Sugar
 Rum Raisin
 Wild Berry

Couldn't you just eat them up???? Seriously, making me hungry now......and then to make it even better, they now come in more sizes, that's right, Hoffman is beginning to make the traditional charm and layer cake sizes......called SNAPS (5" squares) and Crackers (10" squares). For now they are making them in the same line sets as the jelly rolls.....but wouldn't they be luscious in color way runs -- just the idea makes me excited......

I am super duper excited to get my hands on some of these....unfortunately, I have to wait, just like everyone else (completely unfair, I know. especially since I have teased you about them). I did manage to get a jelly roll of rum raisin from Hoffman, so I'll be showing off some of the prints in my next post.

Have a great week peeps!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello Monday -- I am so glad you are here!!! It was a great weekend, and is looking like a fantastic week at work! New projects to get started, a new office to decorate and a diet coke (yes, I know this sounds insane, but I'm out of diet coke at home, and was just to lazy to get any yesterday, so I've had no caffeine for 24 hours!).

We had a great Saturday -- I was with my cousin extraordinaire Laina Guidero Colgan (who just happens to be a great photographer!!!) doing a quilt photo shoot for the blog and the website!!! The pics are fantastic -- and I've only seen a handful of them. She'll probably spend this week editing, and then I will be able to send out new pics on all of my materials!! It really was a great time, she found an old property in Encinitas, with a really rustic artsy vibe, and we had a blast, staging and re-staging the quilts. I'm so excited to see the pics!!! And then she teased me by putting a few on facebook!!! They are fantastic!!! Can't wait to see everything all finished!

Sunday was a pretty mellow day, shopping for a fridge, and going to IKEA, which is always an experience. It was nice to hang out with Jason and Sue and just putter around doing things that need to get done, but are much more fun to do in groups.

Finished the weekend with a visit to the gym, and some sewing....all in all and great weekend, and it looks like to week will be just a good!!!

See you all later this week, when I talk about packing for a quilt retreat!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Crazy week ahead

Well, it has been a crazy week, and it looks like it will only get crazier. I got a chance to visit Hoffman Fabrics on Monday evening, and while I was there I got to see the new releases that I missed at market. They have some great new prints in the line! And the line is HUGE, like more prints that ever in more color ways than ever, but you'll have to wait for picks, since we have a BIG photoshoot this weekend. We're redoing covers for patterns, and we have some new quilts! And some new samples of existing patterns. So a verry busy weekend of quilting planned. And then the real madness will begin...starting with the new job on Monday and a three week prep period for certified instructor training in Montana! I can't believe that it is almost here! A full week with Judy to work on the new technique of the month and finish up my Glacier Star! So excited that I simply can't stand it! Anyway, I think I might have finally gotten everything that I need for blogging from the iPad! Just a few more photo tests and then I'll share some iPhone and iPad pics that I have taken over the last few weeks!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Who said the iPad was genius?

Okay, so I've been beavering away over here! Making tops, putting on binding, all with the intent of updating the blog....but iCloud is down, and my pics are stuck in never, until I figure out how to get them out of jail....just pretend there are pics here....