Monday, January 23, 2017

Q1 2017 Plans

Well, I've been working on my WIP list, and it's worse than I thought. Much, much worse. I have 60+ major WIPs. And yes, I have separated them into major and minor WIPs. Major WIPs have more than 25 hours of sewing to finish. Minor WIPs have less than 25 hours. So, I have 60+ major WIPs, and 18 minor WIPs. So, I am going to rearrange my "plan". I'm going to retreat in March, and I am taking nothing but the minor WIPs. And there is no way I am going to get my Major WIPs finished this year (or be remotely close to only 5 remaining), so some prioritization is in order. I'm not quite done with that part yet, but I have at least gotten the first quarter's priorities sorted out.

1. African Violets placemats - minor

2. Vintage Rose Sample 2 - major

3. Vintage Compass - minor

4. Broken Daisy Placemats - minor

5. Paradise in Bloom Sample 2 - major

6. Sea Urchins - major

There's about 10 weeks left in the quarter, and if I can sew for 10 hours a week (which is sometimes easy, and sometimes challenging), I should be able to make good traction, if I stay focused and disciplined and get it done.

And did I mention I am in the middle of my sewing room is completely packed until next Sunday??? Yeah, that is happening. Fun. At least I have time to finish my prioritization.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Word of the Year 2017

If you have been reading this long for any amount of time, you know I choose a word of the year to help me with all of my various goals....a word that sums up my plans for the year. For 2017, I have chosen discipline as my word. Yeah, it's a tough word. A word that strikes a bit of fear to be honest. It's going to be a year of getting a lot of things done, of getting really organized (not somewhat organized), a year of new projects, and finishing existing projects. A year that is bound t one full of changes. I have a long list of things I want to do, and a list of projects that have floundered for one reason or another, and need to get completed.

You see that first item under the definition of discipline -- that is not part of my plan.....I'm going after 4 and 5 -- getting control through thoughtful enforcement of a pattern of behavior. Specifically, getting my shit together. Which Looks something like this...

1. Update my WIPs list -- the last time I actually updated it was 11/26/15 (Thanksgiving weekend, almost 15 months ago).

2. Create a plan to manage my WIPs for 2017. Seriously, I want to be down to under 5 by the end of 2017. Last I updated the file, I had 43 on the list. And I know there at least 4 to add that I am currently working on. Needless to say, it's going to be a big year of finishes.

3. Host a couple of finishathons throughout the year.

4. Reorganize my sewing room after the move.

5. Design and make a quilt of the month for the new house. I won't have a chance to really work on this one until later in the year, so it will overflow into next year. I've sorted out a couple of high level designs, but nothing concrete.

So, I have big plans, that are going to require serious discipline to get them all done...wish me luck.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Bye 2016, Hello 2017

I must admit, I am quite happy to say goodbye to 2016. It was a really tough year for me, in a lot of different respects. We lost quite a few people, including my Dad, and the latter part of the year was really me in a rut, and not the good kind. I got really distracted with everything that was going on, with lawyers and estates, and handling distribution of things. It just seemed so ridiculous. And senseless. But I am determined to get things together. I have a bunch of big goals for 2017, and a lot of components of multi-year goals. I'm still formulating exactly what the plan is for 2017, but let's just say it's an aggressive plan. For the business, for my work life, for my sewing life, even for my exercise regime. There's enough going on that I felt the need to get an accountability partner, and not just a friend/accountability partner, but a professional one. That detailed planning will start later this week, but here are the high level plans....

1. Get organized in all aspects - house, life, finances, etc, etc, etc
2. Ensure self care - eat right, exercise, read, have fun, etc
3. Knit more.
4. Sew more.
5. Finish some UFOs.
6. Build projects almost exclusively from stash. 

So, we're starting with this....

Once I've got the plans further fleshed out, I'll let you know. In the meantime, I'll be sewing.

See you soon!