Sunday, July 16, 2017

what i've been up to.....

Watching - Blue Bloods -- I've watched all of the new episodes, 

Craving - Rotel and Chips

Doing - lots of paper prep on the new patterns

Obsessing - over color ways for Judy's new patterns....

Loving - all of the new fabrics that have been released lately

Reading - Elon Hilderbrand, every book I can get my hand on....It's my new binge favorite

Wanting - a tropical vacation

Pinning - houses and recipes

Dreaming - about dying yarn. 

Writing - not much, except some procedures

Crafting - more crafty planning, than crafting

Sewing - Autumn Pines, Fractured Star, and Harbored Lighthouse all got love this week.

Knitting - not much, I struggle to knit in the summer when it is hot

Listening - to Tony Robbins in the car -- on investing

Wearing - my usual uniform, yoga pants, and a tshirt

Needing - not a single thing

Planning - a trip to see Mom for the holidays

Trying - new recipes

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Make a List Monday July 17-23

It's been crazy here, hot and sticky (not good quilting or knitting weather). I also took a little vacation with my Mom to her hometown, so, I haven't gotten a lot done. And this month is equally busy, so I've decided some focus is in order.

So, this week, I am focusing on this guy...

Judy's new Autumn Pines Wallhanging. 

I'm also getting back on track with sewing everyday, even if it is only for a short period, like an hour. So tonight's hour i worked on the diamond wedding ring sections...

It doesn't look like much yet, but by Sunday, it will be remarkable....