Monday, September 12, 2016

Make a List Monday

Yep, it's Monday and time to get back to work.....there's always a million things to get done, and this week  and the next few will be focused on getting ready for market. I have 3 quilts to make and quilt, as well as about a dozen bags to finish. I also have several upcoming classes that need samples finished  - including Vintage Compass, Vintage Rose, and African Violets are all in design or process. I won't get much sewing time on these three this week, but I should get back to them as soon as my market work is done.

For this week my plan is :

Monday - finish sewing blocks for Prismatic Star
Tuesday - add leading to blocks for Prismatic Star
Wednesday - Sewing Star Sections for Prismatic Star
Thursday - Make Backing for Prismatic Star

The rest of the week will be devoted to teaching and retreat activities.

What are you working on this week???

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Life Happens

It's been a little crazy around here...trying to get ready for market, and my teaching schedule and lots of regular work, so I've been a negligent here's the summary....

Watching - Hawaii Five-O on Netflix

Craving - Ice Cream, this eating healthy thing is really no fun this time of year. 

Doing - lots of sewing, especially the super secret kind

Obsessing - over Quiltster...I've been doing two or three designs almost every day.

Loving - some of the new fabric lines from EESchenck, so looking forward to having them show up in my local stores.

Reading - Great Teams by Don Yaeger

Wanting - a Leuchtern Journal

Pinning - tons of items about bullet journals. I've really been inspired lately by some of the ones online.

Dreaming - about a new car. Agnes the Accord has 328,000 miles and I know she will need replacing soon. So I want to be ready. 

Writing - not much of anything. Obviously not blog posts, or patterns.....

Crafting - some bags and some buntings, but not much else.

Sewing - super secret market sewing is in full swing, there is only 7 weeks left, which seems like a life time and a second, all rolled into one. And a little binding.....while watching Five-O on Netflix.

Knitting - not much....I got a couple of rows on a cowl and I got a new hitchhiker cast on, but that's all I've really had time for.

Listening - to Florida Georgia Line's new album - Dig Your Roots. Great songwriting and harmonies. 

Wearing - my standard uniform -- jeans, t-shirts and tennis.

Needing - to do laundry and go to the store, but I'm too lazy tonight.

Planning - a new gym regimen

Trying - some new recipes, some of which were horrible, and some okay. NO really good ones this month....but I'll keep trying. 

What have you been doing.....

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

On the state of the quilt nation.....

There is much happening lately in the quilt world. Changes of all sorts are coming or already here. It seems that every time we turn around we hear about shops closing, or magazines folding, or shows getting cancelled. I wish I could say that San Diego was the exception, but in the last decade we have seen the closing of half a dozen shops, and major changes in the guilds and their structures. When I moved to San Diego in 2005 there were 19 shops within 90 minutes of my front door, there are now 8. We lost CWAP (Camp WatchAPatcher) a few years ago, and we have seen a decline in attendance and participation in guild shows.

Many talk about the aging of the industry, and the lack of sewing in school, or the cost to make a quilt, and others talk about the e-commerce aspects, and realistically, those are all factors, but there are many others. There's the modern "era" and its need for cheap and cheerful (myself often included), and lack of understanding of the art component. Or the lack of connection to the "old-fashioned"....there's a million aspects to the issue, and a million different "solutions", but just as the problem is multi-faceted, so must be the solution. The Modern Quilt movement can't fix it, the combining of guilds can't fix it, the reality is fixing it isn't really possible, the industry is changing just as the world is changing.

I want to be confident that the industry is just in a lull, and will rebound as it did after the Centennial. I want to be excited about the future, but these "sudden" changes haven't really been sudden.....they seem to be compounding over time, we lost a shop to retirement, and one to a move, another to a business partnership that went sour. So many different reasons and so many different circumstances that ultimately have the same outcome.

So, what now??? What should we do, and can we save the art of quilting??? individually, maybe not, and maybe so. Saving the industry can not be done individually, yet it must be done by individuals. If we want to save the industry, we have to get involved. We have to be official and unofficial spokesmen and spokeswomen. We have to be advocates for our craft, we have to be teachers, and educators, and participants. We have to get involved, we have to attend, we have to participate. We have to share our craft and our art. We have to introduce new people to our craft and find crossovers that inspire us. We have to be advocates for our craft. We can't depend upon designers, or fabric companies to do it for us, we have to make it happen. So, that is the challenge for the next 12 be a better advocate....a better participant, a better educator, a better celebrator of my craft, or my sometime obsession. That's my challenge to each of involved and have fun!!!! And then whatever happens in the industry, we have done our best.

Are you up for it???

Monday, August 1, 2016

Weekly Update August 1- August 7

Can it really be August already?? It seems insane that the summer is almost over......This week, I have some big things to finish up.....

1. Vintage Compass - just needs some final curved piecing on the border, and it is ready to go.

2. Dogwood placemats - are all done, I just need to make backs so that I can drop them off to the quilter on Monday night.

3. Teaching -- this week will see my at Annie's Star guild in Chico CA, followed by a weekend at Cotton and Chocolate in Thousand Oaks.

and that is my busy week.....

You can find daily information regarding these projects by following me on instagram @queeniequilts.

Happy sewing and see you next week.....

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Summer Fun

It's been crazy around here this past couple of weeks. My Mom and brother were just here for a week. They had a great time going to the beach and LegoLand, and checking out a few of San Diego's best attractions. We played cards every night, to hours that are just too late for a girl who has to go to work the next day. It was so much fun to have them here, and I was sad to see them go. But school starts on Monday, and the kids needed a little re-entry time after vacation, so they left last Saturday for their return to Memphis. I'll see them again later this year, since I am going home for Christmas. It'll be my first time home for Christmas since college, which seems ridiculous. In fact, I was convinced it was wrong, but I was corrected by everyone in the family!!!

There are still a few weeks of summer left here in CA before the kids go back to school, so Disneyland, Sea World, and Universal are packed full of people. I'm still waiting for things to slow down, so that I can make my visit to Universal. Summer goals, you know! So, in the meantime, I'm just working on a bunch of projects, both knitting, quilting, and organizing.

This week's fun was all about teaching : I'm in San Mateo this weekend teaching Fire Island Hosta. Next week, it's at Annie Star Quilt Guild in Chico on Thursday and Friday, followed by Cotton and Chocolate in Thousand Oaks on Saturday and Sunday. So, crazy schedule this week and next.

And there is always the summer fun of sewing. I've managed to get a bunch of little things done....bindings on a bunch of things, some new placemats, and almost finished with Vintage Compass, I'm excited to get out of summer and back to cooler temperatures, where sewing is much more enjoyable (and much less hot).

Well, that's it for summer fun around's back to the grind on Monday, as we start getting ready for fall market....

Monday, June 27, 2016

Make a List Monday - June 27 - July 3

Well, it's been a crazy couple of weeks, with super hot weather and crazy deadlines and getting ready for my family's impending visit. Yep, the whole family. I haven't seen my brother in 3+ years, and he hasn't been to CA since July of 2006, so essentially 10 years. Burt is coming out with Angie and Jackson and I am super excited to see them!!! We've been working on planning for the trip, and I was informed by Jackson that he doesn't really care about Disneyland, he just wants to go to the beach. Which is SACRILEGE. complete sacrilege.

I have a million things to do and zero time to do them. Seems to be the story of life lately. Patterns to write, pictures to take, class samples to make, blog posts to write, offices to clean, stashes to sort, bindings to make and sew on, and Gilmore Girls episodes to binge watch. But for this week, I can't get all of it done, so I am just going to focus on a few....

1. Vintage Compass -- I got some of the new fabrics from Hoffman, and I have "a plan". Which means I need to get to the sewing machine.

2. Get back to #anhouradaykeepsthecrazyaway. I'm really a much better person when I have sewn every week. And with a crazy schedule, it's even more essential to spend some time on mental health, so sewing I will be doing.

3. Teaching -- I am spending the holiday weekend teaching in Thousand Oaks at Cotton and Chocolate

So, that is the extent of the plan for the week. What are you working on???

Sunday, June 26, 2016

What's Happening Folks?

Watching - Gilmore Girls marathon on Netflix. Still. Seriously, I have spent most of this weekend in front of the TV catching up on old episodes. I'm finally almost on the final season. I didn't remember that there were SO many episodes, or how crazy some of them were, but I am feeling almost ready for the Gilmore re-entry on Netflix sometime this fall. Right this minute they are deciding on a new town troubadour. And Loralei has accepted that the June 3rd wedding will not be happening. And the girl from 24 is interviewing as troubadour. Weird to see stars that are now bonafide, in their initial rolls. (P.S. Luke and Loralei just broke up!!! WTF!!! how did I miss this part????

Craving - ice cream. It has been very warm here lately and ice cream is the reason we have hot weather!

Doing - lots of nothing this weekend. Seriously my goal for the weekend was to stay in my PJs all weekend (okay, 3 pairs of clean PJs, but PJs none the less.

Obsessing - over Brexit, and what it might mean. I think I'm just so shocked about it. And I know it will be a while before anything really happens, but it's a bit scary with all of the unknowns. 

Loving - Judy's new patterns -- I've got at least a dozen versions in my head for the Vintage Rose. The pattern won't be available until early next year, and I can't wait!!!

Reading - Harry Potter -- always Harry Potter lately. I'm in book 4, getting ready to enter the maze.

Wanting - to go shopping for yarn, and attempting to control myself.

Pinning - lots and lots of organization ideas...and then a few extra organization pins.

Dreaming - about traveling. I haven't been on a trip for fun in such a long time, I'm dreaming about Italy and Switzerland lately.

Writing - proposals, lots of proposals

Crafting - nothing. the sewice (sewing+office) is a disaster, so very little crafting has been done.

Sewing - I've been working on a couple of projects lately -- Vintage Compass and Prickly Pear specifically. More on that later this week.

Knitting - I don't know that I have done any knitting since I last wrote....much to much going on.

Listening - to Ted Talks. Obsessed with them lately.

Wearing - pajamas. 

Needing - to get off the couch and get to work, but I can't get motivated to do it.

Planning - a dozen projects --- Vintage Rose (x12), Prismatic Star #4, Vintage Compass #3, 4, 5, and 6, Fractured Paint Box, 22 Clouds in Countess Ablaze, a hammock, etc, etc, etc.

Trying - nothing. I have tried nothing lately. sad.