Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Show and Tell -Jelly Showcase

Now that you have sewn your strip, you will cut it into 2 1/2" segments. Like should get 16 strip segments. You might ave 1 or even 2 extra. That's great!

Now the hard part.....which I also forgot to photograph, so hopefully you can follow along.....take two of the jelly roll strips and sew them together on the short end (2 1/2"). Now, add one of the segments that you just cut. Then add two more strips, followed by one segment. Keep going in this pattern until you run out of segments or strips.

You should now have one very long strip, made up of strips and segments. Now take the two ends and match them and sew on the long edge, it should be about 700 inches long. When you get to the end of your sewing option you will be at the middle of the long strip (how's that for a confusing sentence?). At that point you will cut the strip across the width, remove it from the machine and fold it in half and repeat.

Keep going until you like the should look something like this.....

Working, Working, Working...

I can't quite believe that May is nearing the close. Seriously folks, June is on Saturday!!!! Which means that summer is upon us, including a crazy summer schedule. I have the first of the graduation celebrations this evening (Congratulations, Wyatt Stout!!!). Classes scheduled every weekend for the next 6 weeks, followed by a very very busy designing schedule to meet my 12 new patterns by Fall Market Schedule. To make that deadline, all of the design work and samples have to be finished by September 15, so that there is time for photography and printing before market actually occurs that last weekend of October. And add to that, my favorite photographer is preggers!!! And due September 16th!!! Nothing like a baby to keep me on schedule......So, I have been beavering away here working on a million and one things, and trying to keep up with the laundry and the vacuuming (at which I have been failing, significantly).

SO, here is the status for April and May (because I was remiss in April and never got around to posting any updates....

This years quilty goals....

1. Finish a new pattern every month for QQ. That's 12 new patterns released in 2013. --Updated goal to 12 by Fall Market 2013 -- 5 done, 7 remaining. Time to really get busy.

2. Finish a new Judy quilt every quarter. That is 4 quilts this year. Specifically, I will be working on Coxscomb, Farmer's Star, Feathered Star and Celtic Wave. And the Glacier Star -- because I need to get that one done for teaching purposes. - Glacier Star is complete. The others are all cut out, and ready for some serious sewing time. I really want to work on Featherd Star and Celtic Wave next, but I think I should probably work on some finish up items from #6 below before I start something new. Although starting is always more fun. But then so is finishing.....decisions, decisions, decisions.

3. Attend 2 Judy events -- Asilomar in March, and Montana in August. - on track, all paid up, only the August flights to book. No change since January.

4. Teach 2 Judy classes or retreats each month. - 3 booked in June.  4 booked in July.

5. Finish up a bunch of Judy quilts that just need final touches -- quilting, binding, borders - Touch of Spring (completely done), Cappuccino Party for 4 (completely done), MiniStars (Completely done), Summer Solstice (at the quilter), Amazon Star (borders), Pepperdish (applique, retreat???), 3 Ducks in a Row (border).

6. Blog more regularly -- I finally figured out the scheduling feature, so that should help!! My goal is three times a week. This post is #6 this month, which is 1.25 times per week. Thankfully, I had 18 in January, so my total is 24, which is an average of 3 per week, just barely. Must be more focused on this.

7. Learn how to use instagram. Done. You can follow me at queeniequilts

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Jelly Tutorial

Now that you have picked your fabrics, it is time to start sewing.....

Take your 2 accents, and sew them together long ways, so that you have a 5 strip grouping, of accent 1, accent 2, accent 1, accent 2, accent 1.

Now press these, direction really doesn't matter, you just want nice flat seams.

Once the have been pressed, cut the grouping into 2 1/2" sections.

Come back next week to see what we did next with them!

Happy Quilting!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Jelly Roll Specials

Have you seen the jelly roll race quilts? You know, the ones where you open the jelly roll or Bali pop and just start sewing? Make one llllooooonnnnnggg strip, fold it in half and sew on the long side, and then just keep halving it, and halving it, and having it, until it reaches the length you want. Well, I love those for their sheer simplicity, and because in just a few hours you can be finished, and really, doesn't everyone needs mindless sewing time, sometimes? I've seen a couple different versions, and decided to make up one of my own, using stuff that was laying, I needed to do some serious stash reduction, so off I went to dig into the stash.....

I found an old strip pack from a couple of years back, it's one of those store packed ones, lots of similar colors, but different prints and manufacturers, sort of like the way we picked fabrics before the pre-cut phenomenon.

Then I added 3 strips of a contrast (in my case, I used a black Bella solid), and 2 strips of a bright accent contrast ( the lime green print on the top)....

Meet me here tomorrow to see what I did next......

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Epic Fail

So, it's Mother's Day, and since my Mom lives so far away, I have a tendency to bury myself in my sewing room, or on a garage reorganization project once I have finished my Mother's Day calls, emails and posts.

Today was no exception, I woke early, took the dog out, called Mom and chatted for am hour and then headed to the sewing room for the remainder of the day. I had big plans, and all i got done was one set of blocks. Though I do have a veerrrrryyyy organized space now. All the bins have been labeled, the projects prioritized, the plans made. Oh, and I did make once set of binding....but I didn't get it attached.....

And now I am tired, and the laundry is calling my name.....

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Real Post - and a few Questions???

So, I recently learned to post onto my blog from the IPAD. I am am still unsure of whether I like it or not, it isn't as robust as the computer, but the truth is, sometimes I don't want to lug the computer everywhere with me. So for convenience, I give it a thumbs up, for functionality, I'm still undecided, so I'll leave it to you.

Would you rather have more quick posts, or fewer complicated posts??? Do you want tutorials (I have an awesome one on a jelly roll race quilt that I did a few weeks ago).

Do you want to see "in process" projects? Or just finished things?? Learn about the tools I use every day and how I do it??? Where I go, and what I see?? Where I want to go, and what I want to see? Or a little bit of everything, and the occasional log post somewhere in the mix.

I have so many ideas in my head for what this blog could be or should be or might be or will be, but the reality is, will anyone read it??? I started it as my personal story for my own reasons, my own posterity, but it's changing now, and I'm really good with that. I have met lots of great people through blogging. Nice normal people, I have yet to meet the crazies that I keep getting warned about by my ever loving hyper-vigilant Mom. Seriously Mom, the people are pretty great! (note to self....check and see if Mom reads my blog, that might explain her reaction).

So, let me know what you want to see.....and I'll see if we can make it work!

Happy Quilting!!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Well, I did it. I've been talking about it, and researching, and debating, and looking some more, and I finally broke down and bought a featherweight. A 1948, and I am super excited to play this week.....

Pictures later this week!


Valley Quilters Guild

Well, today we are at the Valley Quilter's Guild show in Van Nuys , CA!

The venue is SO nice! Nice big spaces, plenty of parking, and a restaurant all at the hotel!

I set up yesterday and did some last minute tweaking this morning. I have some demos planned for the day, and some project prep to do!

Here's some pics of the booth! It amazes me that I never set it up the same twice!