Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Working, Working, Working...

I can't quite believe that May is nearing the close. Seriously folks, June is on Saturday!!!! Which means that summer is upon us, including a crazy summer schedule. I have the first of the graduation celebrations this evening (Congratulations, Wyatt Stout!!!). Classes scheduled every weekend for the next 6 weeks, followed by a very very busy designing schedule to meet my 12 new patterns by Fall Market Schedule. To make that deadline, all of the design work and samples have to be finished by September 15, so that there is time for photography and printing before market actually occurs that last weekend of October. And add to that, my favorite photographer is preggers!!! And due September 16th!!! Nothing like a baby to keep me on schedule......So, I have been beavering away here working on a million and one things, and trying to keep up with the laundry and the vacuuming (at which I have been failing, significantly).

SO, here is the status for April and May (because I was remiss in April and never got around to posting any updates....

This years quilty goals....

1. Finish a new pattern every month for QQ. That's 12 new patterns released in 2013. --Updated goal to 12 by Fall Market 2013 -- 5 done, 7 remaining. Time to really get busy.

2. Finish a new Judy quilt every quarter. That is 4 quilts this year. Specifically, I will be working on Coxscomb, Farmer's Star, Feathered Star and Celtic Wave. And the Glacier Star -- because I need to get that one done for teaching purposes. - Glacier Star is complete. The others are all cut out, and ready for some serious sewing time. I really want to work on Featherd Star and Celtic Wave next, but I think I should probably work on some finish up items from #6 below before I start something new. Although starting is always more fun. But then so is finishing.....decisions, decisions, decisions.

3. Attend 2 Judy events -- Asilomar in March, and Montana in August. - on track, all paid up, only the August flights to book. No change since January.

4. Teach 2 Judy classes or retreats each month. - 3 booked in June.  4 booked in July.

5. Finish up a bunch of Judy quilts that just need final touches -- quilting, binding, borders - Touch of Spring (completely done), Cappuccino Party for 4 (completely done), MiniStars (Completely done), Summer Solstice (at the quilter), Amazon Star (borders), Pepperdish (applique, retreat???), 3 Ducks in a Row (border).

6. Blog more regularly -- I finally figured out the scheduling feature, so that should help!! My goal is three times a week. This post is #6 this month, which is 1.25 times per week. Thankfully, I had 18 in January, so my total is 24, which is an average of 3 per week, just barely. Must be more focused on this.

7. Learn how to use instagram. Done. You can follow me at queeniequilts

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