Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday and Happy Easter.....

This spring has really flown by. I had all these big plans, all these things I wanted to get done. And I managed to get exactly zero of them done. Except for watching Gilmore Girls. I have managed to binge watch myself through the entire first season.

There are a million changes coming, just when you though it was all calming down. I was just feeling settled, a meer 10 months after moving in. And it seems we are moving again....this time, I am doing a huge purge. I already did the fabric, right around Valentine's day, but this weekend starts the rest. First the garage, and the car, then the kitchen and the laundry room.

So, why the move??? well....the roommate got a great job in Seattle, so they are heading up in a little less than 2 weeks. The move for me will be sometime in June, to where, who knows. But for today, I am off to work on the garage...wish me luck!!!


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Crazy is a Crazy Does....

Well, it's been crazy here lately. I keep thinking that it will calm down, but it seems that calm is not part of my life...perhaps that needs to be my word for 2017......

So, here's the scoop....I'm going to be moving, again. It will be a while, the leases aren't up until July 30th, so we have a little time....but you know how that goes. I just signed a contract for the last week of July, so I'll be gone when I need to move....because, well, Murphy and Karma are conspiring together to make my life crazy. But then, that seems to be just the way it is lately.

So, this week, it's crazy and then crazier. It's a show weekend, and a teaching weekend, and a purging weekend. I've decided that I am getting serious about living more simply. I purged a lot last year, and some more earlier this year, but now, I just don't want a bunch of stuff that I just have to move again. Seriously, I don't need a stash. I need to finish some projects so that things are done. And I really only want to have the things that I actually used and wear. Everything else needs to go. I really want that simple easy almost minimalist life. Where the house doesn't get dusty every three days, and the dog doesn't stay tuned for future information on that goal.

On the quilting side, I just have a couple of things to do this week. With the crazy week of work, and a show and teaching, i will have very little time for sewing, and I don't want to just feel guilty for not getting anything I'm just going to focus on getting ready for the show and class and looking for a new place in the meantime......if I get any time this week, I really want to work on Pepperdish, but I'm not seeing that in the realistic future.....

That's all for my crazy life....

See you soon!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What I'm doing these days.....

So, what have I been up to lately??? This is what I have been doing....

Watching - Gilmore Girls...binge watching, as I need to reacquaint myself with exactly where we are, and there are a BUNCH of seasons!!!!

Craving - sleep, between a sick household and a crazy schedule, I need a nap

Doing - deep cleaning and I purged 300+ pounds of fabric since the New Year. It has been a little overwhelming and completely gratifying!!!! 

Obsessing - about decorating....I finally put up the pictures in my bedroom and decided when I want to put everything else.

Loving - my photography class, the instructor is hilarious, and I am finally starting to understand what in the world she is talking about.

Reading - Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon. I didn't catch onto the Outlander Series until last fall, and I've been waiting on the books to be available at the library, but I finally broke down and bought this one. It started out a little slow, but has definitely picked up lately.

Wanting - to break into the box of Girl Scout cookies in my pantry. But I will be good. I will be good.

Pinning - recipes and knitting, lots of knitting

Dreaming - up new's time to start thinking about Spring Market

Writing - not much...

Crafting - boxy pouches.....they are a new obsession

Sewing - table runners and table toppers, quick and easy projects.

Knitting - Pom Poms.....

Listening - to Dave Ramsey on CD again. It always gets me back on track.

Wearing - ponytails, every day.

Needing - a week long vacation. I think I am officially burned out.

Planning - my meals for the week.....

Trying - some new techniques and a new patterns. So far, so good....

So, what are you doing this week????