Sunday, September 25, 2011

I've Been Photoshopped

But hey, whose complaining. So, a few of you may know that one of my patterns got picked up by Keepsake Quilting while we were at Spring Market. I haven't  really talked about it much, I think I was a bit scared that I would jinx it. But now that I have a copy in my mailbox, it's real....and it's photo-shopped.

I am sure that most of you know that we make samples with fabric, and sometimes by the time we designers finish our part, and the pattern gets published, the fabrics aren't available anymore. Part of that is the cycle of the fabrics, and part of it is the delays here on my end, but needless to say, the fabric that I used on my border wasn't available anymore, and that makes the quilt hard to I got photo-shopped. It's really an interesting process to make a new border in a graphics program, and I have so much respect for the graphic design people who do this type of thing because it really is a complicated job under intense I think from now on, I'll just leave it to the experts.....and I'll focus on playing with my fabrics (because that is the fun part anyway!).

Have a great week everybody!

Northridge Quilt Show

So, 2 posts in one day...crazy, huh?

So, we went to the Orange County Quilters Show in Fullerton. These are the same ladies who brought us Camp Watch-A-Patcher, where I first met Judy Niemeyer, almost 2 years ago. Since Judy was just at Camp Watch-A-Patcher in 2010 there were a number of great examples of her patterns at the show, and that always makes it fun when I get to see new versions of quilts that I am working on.

Needless to say, it was a great show, with some absolutely fabulous quilts, and amazing ladies. But by far one of the best parts about the show is the proximity to home, and the opportunity to sleep in your own bed for the night.

 This one is Tropical Rainbow (Pattern by Judy Niemeyer), completed by the artist in residence for the show. I love the way she color washed the border on this one. And don't forget to check out the quilting, it was fantastic.
 The following two are a diamond wedding ring (again pattern is by Judy Niemeyer). This might be my all time favorite Judy pattern. It has all of the techniques (templates, rolling borders, curved piecing, applique, etc). This one was very Christmassy (is that a word?). I want mine in spring brights with a turquoise/green/blue/purple pretty. Best of all was the custom feather quilting that was done on this quilt. I wish I could have gotten a good picture, but the lighting in the venue wasn't ideal for close ups, I did get one that was decent, which I added below for your review. Seriously, the quilting was FANTASTIC.

Here are some pics from the show.....

Insanity Abounds

Well folks, it's been 6 weeks since I posted...can't believe it has been that long. It has been really busy around here, but really there is no excuse, there are plenty of things to talk about. It's not like there was a shortage of topics, or even worse, those situations when there is something going on but it is super secret and you can't talk about it (those are the worst!). SO, I'll try to get you caught up....and if I am boring you all with things you already know, I'm sorry!

The Tehachapi Fibre Arts Show in Tehachapi California was a blast. We stopped at the Local BBQ joint and had the best (and largest) BBQ Salads imaginable. I almost thought that I was home in Memphis, it was that good. Here are some photos from that show....

All of those are a version of Jumping Jax Flash (Pattern by Judy Niemeyer). I coudn't get far enough away from the quilt to get a good overall picture...but you get the idea. Dark blue spiky pieced border, light blue/white/cream background, and Navy, Red and Peach Stars. It was really beautiful and read as very patriotic. Best Part -- this patterns is an early one, and has no curved seams. Worst part -- as it is an early pattern it has no printed templates included, so I had to make my own. It wasn't that bad, I just like to complain.....seriously, it took me about half an hour, and it was totally worth it.

Well, my big plan was to do a catch up blog, but blogger is being picky about pictures this evening, so I'll have to post some more tomorrow, until then, have a great week everybody!