Sunday, September 25, 2011

I've Been Photoshopped

But hey, whose complaining. So, a few of you may know that one of my patterns got picked up by Keepsake Quilting while we were at Spring Market. I haven't  really talked about it much, I think I was a bit scared that I would jinx it. But now that I have a copy in my mailbox, it's real....and it's photo-shopped.

I am sure that most of you know that we make samples with fabric, and sometimes by the time we designers finish our part, and the pattern gets published, the fabrics aren't available anymore. Part of that is the cycle of the fabrics, and part of it is the delays here on my end, but needless to say, the fabric that I used on my border wasn't available anymore, and that makes the quilt hard to I got photo-shopped. It's really an interesting process to make a new border in a graphics program, and I have so much respect for the graphic design people who do this type of thing because it really is a complicated job under intense I think from now on, I'll just leave it to the experts.....and I'll focus on playing with my fabrics (because that is the fun part anyway!).

Have a great week everybody!

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