Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Show and Tell -Jelly Showcase

Now that you have sewn your strip, you will cut it into 2 1/2" segments. Like should get 16 strip segments. You might ave 1 or even 2 extra. That's great!

Now the hard part.....which I also forgot to photograph, so hopefully you can follow along.....take two of the jelly roll strips and sew them together on the short end (2 1/2"). Now, add one of the segments that you just cut. Then add two more strips, followed by one segment. Keep going in this pattern until you run out of segments or strips.

You should now have one very long strip, made up of strips and segments. Now take the two ends and match them and sew on the long edge, it should be about 700 inches long. When you get to the end of your sewing option you will be at the middle of the long strip (how's that for a confusing sentence?). At that point you will cut the strip across the width, remove it from the machine and fold it in half and repeat.

Keep going until you like the should look something like this.....

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