Monday, January 23, 2017

Q1 2017 Plans

Well, I've been working on my WIP list, and it's worse than I thought. Much, much worse. I have 60+ major WIPs. And yes, I have separated them into major and minor WIPs. Major WIPs have more than 25 hours of sewing to finish. Minor WIPs have less than 25 hours. So, I have 60+ major WIPs, and 18 minor WIPs. So, I am going to rearrange my "plan". I'm going to retreat in March, and I am taking nothing but the minor WIPs. And there is no way I am going to get my Major WIPs finished this year (or be remotely close to only 5 remaining), so some prioritization is in order. I'm not quite done with that part yet, but I have at least gotten the first quarter's priorities sorted out.

1. African Violets placemats - minor

2. Vintage Rose Sample 2 - major

3. Vintage Compass - minor

4. Broken Daisy Placemats - minor

5. Paradise in Bloom Sample 2 - major

6. Sea Urchins - major

There's about 10 weeks left in the quarter, and if I can sew for 10 hours a week (which is sometimes easy, and sometimes challenging), I should be able to make good traction, if I stay focused and disciplined and get it done.

And did I mention I am in the middle of my sewing room is completely packed until next Sunday??? Yeah, that is happening. Fun. At least I have time to finish my prioritization.

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