Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Crazy week ahead

Well, it has been a crazy week, and it looks like it will only get crazier. I got a chance to visit Hoffman Fabrics on Monday evening, and while I was there I got to see the new releases that I missed at market. They have some great new prints in the line! And the line is HUGE, like more prints that ever in more color ways than ever, but you'll have to wait for picks, since we have a BIG photoshoot this weekend. We're redoing covers for patterns, and we have some new quilts! And some new samples of existing patterns. So a verry busy weekend of quilting planned. And then the real madness will begin...starting with the new job on Monday and a three week prep period for certified instructor training in Montana! I can't believe that it is almost here! A full week with Judy to work on the new technique of the month and finish up my Glacier Star! So excited that I simply can't stand it! Anyway, I think I might have finally gotten everything that I need for blogging from the iPad! Just a few more photo tests and then I'll share some iPhone and iPad pics that I have taken over the last few weeks!

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