Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello Monday -- I am so glad you are here!!! It was a great weekend, and is looking like a fantastic week at work! New projects to get started, a new office to decorate and a diet coke (yes, I know this sounds insane, but I'm out of diet coke at home, and was just to lazy to get any yesterday, so I've had no caffeine for 24 hours!).

We had a great Saturday -- I was with my cousin extraordinaire Laina Guidero Colgan (who just happens to be a great photographer!!!) doing a quilt photo shoot for the blog and the website!!! The pics are fantastic -- and I've only seen a handful of them. She'll probably spend this week editing, and then I will be able to send out new pics on all of my materials!! It really was a great time, she found an old property in Encinitas, with a really rustic artsy vibe, and we had a blast, staging and re-staging the quilts. I'm so excited to see the pics!!! And then she teased me by putting a few on facebook!!! They are fantastic!!! Can't wait to see everything all finished!

Sunday was a pretty mellow day, shopping for a fridge, and going to IKEA, which is always an experience. It was nice to hang out with Jason and Sue and just putter around doing things that need to get done, but are much more fun to do in groups.

Finished the weekend with a visit to the gym, and some sewing....all in all and great weekend, and it looks like to week will be just a good!!!

See you all later this week, when I talk about packing for a quilt retreat!


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