Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Finding Inspiration and My Mind

Where do you find inspiration??? Do you lose yourself in pinterest (yes, I am guilty!!!!)? Do you love facebook? What about Instagram??? Or any of the new social networks...I think there are ones popping up every few days??? Or do you find it in blogs?? Or is your inspiration from more natural sources, a morning walk, a bolt of fabric, a drawing or painting you saw? You see, I'm curious, as I find inspiration everywhere....at stop lights, in movie theatres, in children, in shops, even the grocery store.....and I'm wondering if this is normal....I talked to my Mom last week and I was trying to describe a quilt I was working on, and I called it granny smith green....because that was the closest thing that I knew of that was the right color, and which she might have as a reference point (though her comment was something to the effect that she had bought galas that week)....Does anyone else use food to describe color??? More specifically produce???  or have I lost my mind???

Just wondering....

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Happy Quilting

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