Monday, January 28, 2013

A weekend full of blah

So, I had an exciting and busy weekend planned....and awoke on Saturday with a cold and the, I hung out all day watching Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Contagion....and generally doing very little on Saturday. I did get some work done on my Glacier Star (yippee), and a little knitting goodness, but it was generally a blah kind of day, a whole lot of nothing getting done....

Some center geese from my Glacier Star were accomplished....more on the knitting later this week.

On Sunday, I awoke feeling marginally better, and ventured out to recreate my Saturday plan...going to Road to California. It was a great day at Road -- I have always been on a Friday or Saturday, and never really experienced a lazy Sunday at Road, and it was great. Not crowded, no aisle fighting, plenty of time to visit with friends, and vendors, and take in the show without stepping into someone's picture, or inadvertantly stepping into scooter traffic. I think I will go to Road on Sunday from now on.

I managed to obtain some new fabrics -- not the ones that I went there for, but ones I am pleased with none the less.....some browns, golds, and a couple of rusty oranges for my Glacier Star -- not any of the greens I was looking for, but you know how that goes....

I'm spending the rest of my week working on Glacier Star and keeping an eye out on a package from Montana....I heard it might be here later this week!!! Can't wait!!!

Happy Quilting!

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