Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Bonus

Did anyone get something super special for Christmas -- not expensive or extravagent, but special to you? I got a few that were just super special to me not because they were expensive or extravagent, but they were "me". For example, see picture's a Ragnok cart from IKEA, courtesy of Shawn, and is the coolest thing ever. These came out last spring in limited quantities, and there were literally a dozen in southern California. I saw one in the San Diego store literally the day after it came out, but I didn't get it, as it was in grey, and I wanted the turquoise one. What a mistake that was. I went home, sure that I could just order it and have it delivered and I was wrong. I got the "This product is not available online, please contact your closest IKEA store." So, I drove back to IKEA the next day, and they didn't even have the grey one anymore, and they weren't going to get any more. It is a "seasonal promotional item". Needless to say, I was disappointed. In the meantime, Shawn from Rusty Crow Quilts (my friend and co-conspirator on way to many projects) found a grey one in her travels and snatched up the last one in California. Literally, I called every IKEA in California looking for them. Yes, I was obsessed. The magic fairy left one under the tree, and the best part was it came with a coupon for assembly!!!

Isn't it cute???? It's perfect. The baskets are 9x12 -- making it perfect for pattern assembly, or stacking piecing (both of which I did this weekend.) Thanks Shawn. Love you bunches!!!!
I also got these, yesterday, technically they were a Christmas present from the notorious Jared (Shawn's son). He got me a gift certificate for Barnes and Noble, and this is what I bought. Cookbooks, cooking commentary, and a journal. Quite fantastic so far, and if the smell in the office is any indication, dinner tonight will be fabulous (yes, there is a crockpot in my office, with the Pot Roast recipe from said book bubbling along).
Thanks Jared!!!
That's the wrapup of Christmas for me, I'll update everyone on the giveaway winner tomorrow, along with what I did on New Years to Organize my finances.
Happy Quilting!!!

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