Sunday, January 6, 2013

In the Nick of Time

Well, it has happened again. As I write this post, it is throwing it down outside. Serious, ugly big rain drops of the cold variety. Now, I love a good rainstorm, they are great ways to avoid leaving the house, and provide great excuses for sewing, knitting, crocheting and reading, which happen to be some of my favorite activities, so I'll take a good rainstorm anyday. Unless, I have to be out in it, and then they might as well be snow, sleet and ice, because people in California don't know how to drive in them!!! Luckily, before the rain started falling this morning, and after last night's frost evaporated, I got a chance for some outside photos, nothing really new new, but a few new looks.....

1. A Design I will be offering as a sew along in February -- currently called Key Lime after the Bali Pop it is made of, because I simply have run out of idea if anyone has some ideas for a name..... It's a cute wallhanging or baby size quilt at 50 x 50, and I do love this color combo. Shawn did fabulous meandering quilting for me in a verigated turquoise thread, with a lime green on the back. I didn't get a pic of the back, but it is the same print as the border on the front.

2. A Jelly Roll Race quilt that I made in October out of an older collection -- I'm not actually sure what the line is called, it's by Moda, and all of the prints have either breast cancer ribbons, or words like courage, and love on them. Super cute and made for a dear friend as a celebration of the end of her chemo sessions. I finished it with a lovely striped binding which I love (because, really, who doesn't love a striped binding?).

 3. Another view of my Golden Harvest quilt, mucho better in sunlight than in my dark apartment.

4. A quilt made from a GE designs pattern....which I cannot remember the name of, and I gifted the pattern in the BIG MOVE OUT! I made this last summer and it's just been waiting for binding, which I finally located during the big move out. The fabric is from the Serendipity line by 3Sisters for Moda....when I was in my "cottage garden  phase". I was also in a frugal phase at the same time, and pieced the back out of the fat quarters than didn't make the cut for the top. The quilt is actually a large throw, and perfect to snuggle under, except for the fact that it doesn't match anything in my house...perhaps I will gift it to Rachel Ashwell it will be great in her Shabby Chic house (although I am sure she has houses, and does not need it).

5. And some pics of the 3 Ducks in a Row that aren't quite so bright, granted the quilt is bright, so it's still pretty bright, but at least it's not completely offensively bright.

And that completes the pictures for the weekend, for it is raining outside, and it's time to get back to the sewing machine.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Beautifu; quilts.

    My favorite color is purple. It just makes me happy. I can't have enough purple in m life.