Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fethered Goose, Oh How I Love You....

The first ever Judy Niemeyer pattern I completed was the Feathered Goose. That was in 2010,sometime in July. It was the beginning of my obsession with paper piecing. I took my first class with my friend Kelly at CWAP, or Camp Watch-A-Patcher, hosted by the Orange County Quilt Guild at Vanguard University. Before I had finished my first day of class with Judy I was hooked. I called her office that afternoon and booked into a retreat in Montana a few weeks later (I got lucky, someone had backed out and they had a last minute opening!). That was a little over 2 years ago, and I am now 14 quilts in, and a certified instructor. I've been to Montana 3 times, and will go again later this year. I've attended classes with Judy in Las Vegas, Asilomar (CA), and Dallas, and essentially become a Judy groupie....and yet, at the end of the day, I still love the Feathered Goose the's still the one I go to for technique teaching, and it is still the one that I love to teach.

So, without further adue, a few samples of the Feathered Goose from the class I taught this weekend.....oh how I love seeing these combos.....

Judy used the kit that Marilyn and Jerry (who own the lovely Cotton and Chocolate) built... full of yummy greens, blues and purples, on a creamy background with a navy band.

This one belongs to Wendy, who did shades of purple and turquoise on a pale pink background. 

A limited color palette version. This one has all red geese and border units, with turquoise and black arcs, and tiny turquoise centers. I'll be really excited to see this one finished since it's a really modern interpretation of the pattern. 

Debbie's is shades of fall, on a pale cream, will be the one that most resembles the sample on the front of the pattern.

Vanessa's is all made in shades of purple, so we did some finageling and made sure that her lightest fabrics were in the points of the arc, so that they would pop. I'll be super excited to see this one all finished, since it's essentially a values quilt. Plus, she gifted me her rejects, for my "Pieces and Parts" quilt.

This one is made of Primitive Gatherings, with an orange band, and is another than I can't wait to see how it turns out, since it will be super traditional..... 

These are shots of Wendy's with her arcs, and showing a few more of the fabrics from her large selection.


Hope you enjoyed show and tell, I'll do a quick tour of the shop tomorrow....

Happy Quilting!


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