Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On the needles

So, I've been learning to knit for a while now...and it seems that I am not particularly good at it (though I must admit that I don't particularly care, since it is a bit like wine without calories (i.e. relaxing)). So, I've been working on a scarf, for like 6 weeks. Seriously it's kind of boring mindless knitting, and when I say knitting, I mean the knit stitch on right side rows and wrong side rows, so it is quite boring. About the only thing that makes it not boring is the yarn....a lovely verigated (surprised?? you shouldn't be) squishy in shades of blue, turquoise, green and black (again, this should be no revelation to anyone).....It's coming along okay, just slow, as the yarn is really slippy since it is a chenille.....see, my 6 week progress report? sad.

So, in an effort to not go crazy, I picked up a large crochet hook this weekend and got to town on a crocheted cowl. Now, I am no expert crocheter either, in fact, I know only a few more crochet stitches than knit stitches (which is to say that I know two: chain, and double stitch). And since I have only ever made scarves on the length side, I thought I would stretch out and try something new, sans pattern (because I can figured this s**t out!!! I am a quilter, I can do math!!!). So, I pulled out this lovely wool that I had bought a couple of years ago to make a felted bag -- back when felted messenger bags were the rage, and I had one job, and tons of ambition. I made the swatch and I felted it, and it was BAD. Like horrid kinda bad. There is about a ten stitch repeat in the yarn, but when felted, it just became a gray/taupe blahness, so I put it away in my yarn stash, with the intention of making my next scarf out of it. But somewhere along the way it got forgotten, or put away never to see the light of day....but since I have been reorganizing my sewing room and getting everything out of hiding, I found it and fell in love with it all over again. And since I was a bit bored with the above mentioned project (because six weeks is way to long to get to completion), I started a cowl (did I mention without a pattern??). SO, I crocheted 210 singles, and then in circular needle fashion, I joined them together (which was not an epic fail, but did create an issue) know that part where they tell you to make sure you don't have a twist when using circulars.....let's just say I know why, because while the cowl is turning out lovely (and quite quick I must add), it is now an infinity scarf, with a twist. But its still cute and apparently the rage at the moment (why do I always find out after)??? So, here she is in all her 3 hours of glory. At this rate, she should be done in another 12 hours or so. Which makes her a 15 hour cowl!!! In comparison to my knitting speed, this is much improved, when compared to my crocheter friends, this is abysmal. Oh well, I go back to the relaxing comment....and the no looking comment, you can feel it, so you can do it while watching TV, and still pay attention to the football, so any idea what I will be working on on Sunday during the commercial of the year bowl????

What will you be working on during the Super Bowl????

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  1. I love to knit, but get easily bored with just knitting. Learn to do cables and other stitches...makes it more fun! I'm making a sampler afghan, which has 12 inch blocks, each block a different pattern.