Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quilty Goals

Do you set goals at the beginning of every year??? or do you set them at the beginning of the school year (September)? This was the topic when I talked to my Mom last week.....I always set them at the beginning of the calendar, while she always sets them at the beginning of the school year (I guess that is what happens when you spend 35 years as a teacher!!!). This past year, I chose adventure as my word of the year, and well it has been an adventure that is for sure!

This year, I am going to do it a little differently, and set some specific goals for the year, and a new word to go with them.....

This years quilty goals....

1. Finish a new pattern every month for QQ. That's 12 new patterns released in 2013.
2. Finish a new Judy quilt every quarter. That is 4 quilts this year. Specifically, I will be working on Coxscomb, Farmer's Star, Feathered Star and Celtic Wave. And the Glacier Star -- because I need to get that one done for teaching purposes.
3. Attend 2 Judy events -- Asilomar in March, and Montana in August.
4. Teach 2 Judy classes or retreats each month.
5. Finish up a bunch of Judy quilts that just need final touches -- quilting, binding, borders - Touch of Spring (quilting), Cappuccino Party for 4 (quilting), MiniStars (quilting), Summer Solstice (Borders), Amazon Star (borders), Pepperdish (applique), 3 Ducks in a Row (borders).
6. Blog more regularly -- I finally figured out the scheduling feature, so that should help!! My goal is three times a week.
7. Learn how to use instagram.
8. Learn how to code in XML for the website.
9. Sew every day -- even of it is only for 10 minutes, or one section of binding! I really should do some binding prep work to have some projects ready to go for this!!!!

And the word of the year : FOCUS. Because that is what I will need to get all of this done!

So -- that's the plan, follow along as we go and see how it goes! And I'll check back once a quarter to see how this list is coming along!

Happy Quilting!

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