Friday, December 21, 2012

Getting Things Done and an Epic Fail

Do you ever have those times when for some reason you are super productive? I've been having one of those months...for some reason tons of things are all coming to fruition (or finish)! I'm loving it!!! There is something so satisfying about putting the last stitch in the binding or binding off the last stitch on a scarf (the only thing I have actually managed to knit!!! Okay, technically, there is something uber-exciting about dropping the box in the mail for the quilter (since it means the top is finished, and off for adornment)). So, here are some of the things I have been working on lately.....Sorry about the colors in some of these photos, its been hard to get a good image, since it is dark so early, and the last few weekends have been rainy and dreary around here, so I was left with living room floor light, which is not so great!

3 Ducks in a Row
3 Ducks in a Row -- center section is finished, and the borders have been pieced, now I just need to add them on. This one turned out super bright, and I really like it, though I have to admit it doesn't go with anything in my house, and is a bit overwhelming in this picture.
 Mini Stars
  Cappuccino Party for Four
I decided to try to quilt these myself, rather than send them to the quilter, and while I thought they would be manageable, and I practiced with my walking foot, I found it a little harder than I thought when it came time to actually quilt on the real piece, most notably because I couldn't see where I was in those skinny spiky bits....turns out I should have bought the walking foot with a clear foot so that I could make the turns at exactly the right point. I didn't like the quilting that I did on the Cappuccino, so I ripped it all out!!! 30 minutes if quilting = 4 hours of ripping!!!! At which point, I vowed to take a machine quilting class...and turn these over to a professional!!!! I really need the Mini-Stars one quilted so that I can send it off as a sample to a shop, so it's time to call in the specialists.
On another note, I got several bindings made (baseball, serendipity, golden harvest), and the hand turning of the binding on my ripples quilt. And I finally finished my Judy Niemeyer spreadsheet....the one I have been working on for weeks. It details all of the JN quilts, and details whether I have a sample, what colors it is in and some details for the trunk shows......and it is both exciting and depressing! Exciting since I realized I am in the double digits, and depressing to realize I have made less that 10% of her patterns. I continue to be amazed by her talent and productivity!!!! And with that, I'm off for a little more quilting before the holiday madness begins tomorrow!
Happy Quilting!

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