Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wedding Ring QAL Update - Week 2 final....

Week 1&2 February 15th -28th - Project Selection and Supply Attainment -- I made a decision. And a change....A final one, I hope. I spent some time with my recipient this week, and she and her soon-to- be husband want blue and green and purple, but no PINK....and a change to the project. The husband really likes the Bali Wedding Star, so I am going to move forward with making the As and Bs while I get my head together about the stars....So, I picked all my backgrounds, and A and B strips and am ready to get started on the next step.....

Here's the backgrounds....lovely light grays and pale blues and even a little pale turquoise. Some prints, some dots, and some 1895 semi solids. 

Some leftovers from a Jinny Beyer for RJR batiks....teals, turquoise, blue and green.....yummy!!!

Some Hoffman bali pops.....Tiarimisu, Coconut, and Brown Sugar. I may have to add in a Cockatiel so that I have enough lights..we'll have to see how that goes once I get them opened this week....

The groom is a big hunter, so I wanted a lot of greens, and I had this Island Batik Strip Tease Pack. I don't know the color, it's a couple of years old. I wanna say it was spruce or something like that, but I'm not sure. Don't worry if you have duplicates, you can separate them into different pop sets, and use then up!!! Don't let them linger in your stash.

Here's the big view. I still need to pick out a few more things, but I got the majority done...

And now....we're moving on to the next steps.....
Week 3 - March 1 - 7 - Paper Preparation - cut out and bag you papers according to your pattern. It's time to get started on the next step...prepping papers. Depending upon which pattern you are doing you could have as few as 4 bags, and as many as 8. Most people doing Bali Wedding Star will have 5. I have 6. As, Bs, CMS (light side of stars), CDS (dark side of stars), Ms (Melon Stars), and optional flying geese borders. As I am going to do the finished border rather than the curved one, I will be using bag 6. So, get to work and get your papers all cut and bagged. This is also the week to review the Youtube video on prepping your strip sets. Judy has a great video on Youtube called "Quiltworx Bali Pops Sort for the Bali Wedding Star Pattern". I recommend watching it a couple of times -- once all the way through, and then once while you prep your first set.

Once you have done the activities in the first video, it's time to prep the actual strips....using the instructions in this video.....Strip Preparation and Stacking - Bali Wedding Star. If you are working on  Flowers for My Wedding Ring, there is a video for you too!!!!

Week 4 - March 8 - 14 - Sewing A Arcs - there are multiple sets of these and we are going to spend multiple weeks working on them.

Week 5 - March 15-21 - Sewing A Arcs - just keep sewing!!!!

Week 6 - March 22-28 - Sewing B Arcs - 

Week 7 - March 29 - April 4 - Sewing B Arcs - 

Week 8 - April 5 - April 11 - Using QW Wedding Ring Rulers - Cutting out backgrounds -- Asteroids and Melons.

Week 9 - April 12 - April 18 - Pieced Asteroids and Melons

Week 10 - April 19 - April 25 - Assembly

Week 11 - April 26 - May 2 - Assembly

Week 12 - May 3 - May 9 - Assembly

Week 13 - May 10 - May 16 - Assembly

Week 14 - May 17 - May 23 - Applique - Fused

Week 15 - May 24 - May 31 - Applique - Hand Turned

Are you playing with us? If so, we would love to hear from you!!!!

Happy sewing!!


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