Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Make a List Tuesday

So -- some updates on my plans from last week....

1. Prismatic Star -- Cut out the Smart Corners!!! Once that is done I am ready to sew it all together. - DONE!!! And I even got one set of blocks made, and of course, I have planned a whole new one, because I am crazy like that....
2. Finish appliqué for Paradise in Bloom - mostly done, I need to make a change to one set of blooms, because I didn't end up liking them. I got the new template done, but didn't get to the stitch and peel.
3. Binding put on Glacier Star - Nope, my great intentions were foiled!
4. Get all of the strip sets prepped for the QAL - DONE!!! All 23 sets are pulled and prepped, and its time to start sewing.

And for this week, the plans are pretty ambitious:
1. Finish Paradise in Bloom
2. Finish Prismatic Star
3. Sew 12 sets of A Arcs for the QAL.

I'm not sure how realistic some of that is, it seems like a lot to get done, and it reviewing, it's about 35 hours total, so its either going to be some really late nights or some things not getting done....we'll see which.

So, wish me luck!!!


P.S. What are you working on this week???

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