Monday, March 23, 2015

Make a List Monday

It's been a whirlwind this many happenings going on. As I mentioned last week, I had both a show and a 3 day teaching engagement this past weekend, so I didn't have any big quilting plans. I did manage to get some things done, even if they were just a few things.

My plan for this past week....
1. Make binding for Stormy Seas. It came back from the quilter this weekend and it is lovely!!! Just need to get some pics and put some binding on it!!! The binding is made, but not on. It took a lot more fabric than I expected, and it has to be on the bias, so it took me quite a but longer than I expected.

I did get some things done that weren't on my list...

1. cut out the papers for Cactus Rose. I will be sewing this one up for Market in Mid-May!
2. Sewed some B arcs, when I got a last minute option to sew on Wednesday might, I took it. Unfortunately, it was super short notice, and I wasn't organized, and I picked up the B arc bags, but at least I got some things done, right???

This week, I have a day off!!! A whole day off!!! Not sure what I am going to do with myself!!! Super excited to hopefully spend the day hanging out and doing absolutely nothing. I am sure that by Friday I will have filled my free Saturday with a multitude of plans, but for now, I will dream of doing a whole  lot of nothing!!!

So, this week, with some free time, and some scheduled sewing time....I am going to...

1. Work on a second Prismatic Star.
2. Work on Cactus Rose. I would like to get the 16 main blocks pieced this week, so that I can start the appliqué on Easter Weekend.

3. Work on the B blocks for the QAL.


P.S. What are you working on this week???

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