Monday, March 2, 2015

Glacier Star

Was many of you know, I sent my Glacier Star on an adventure to Montana. I finished piecing it over 2 years ago, and just didn't have time to let it go out for late last summer, I finally had a window where I could send it off to get quilted. I dropped it off with the lovely Carrie Barone in Lakeside, MT while I was there, and she called last week to let me know that she was winging her way back home to SoCal. I gave Carrie full license with this one, at this point, she knows what I like (feathers, and pebbles, and details), and what I don't (super dense quilting that you can't see). Carrie did not disappoint! I am so in love with this's a sneak peak, pre-binding!

The texture on this is superb, and perfectly balanced, without being too much of the same thing over and over again.....

This echoed star with the medallion grid is amazing!

The pebbles! Lovely!

Those echo grids again! Be still my heart!

So thank Carrie for sharing your amazing talents, and I can't wait to get this one to the photographer for some really good shots!

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