Saturday, March 29, 2014

Celtic Wave QAL - Update

So, it's the end of March and the closure of Bag #3 for Celtic Wave QAL. Have you been keeping up with it??? I actually think it was easier to keep up when it was every week, at least from my perspective, every week meant that every Sunday night I took pics and wrote a blog post. Every other, just isn't as smooth. I think I will keep that it mind if I do another one of these....

Checkpoint 3 : March 17 -  31 : Bag 3 

Started like this..... 

Bag #3 was a quick one -- just 8 units. I got mine all finished and trimmed, and here they are....

Here's the rest of the schedule for the next couple of months...

Checkpoint 4 : March 31 - Bag 4 start

Here's the homework for the nest two weeks.....using these fabrics, cut the required templates. This is am easy one, it should literally take just an hour or so, which is convenient, given the number of things going on around here these days....

Checkpoint 5 : April 14 - Curved Piecing
Checkpoint 6 : April 28 - Border Units (if you are doing the Queen)
Checkpoint 7 : May 12 - Start Assembly
Checkpoint 8 : May 26 - All DONE!!!!

How are you coming along on getting your Celtic Wave done??? What colors are you doing???

Happy Quilting!!!


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