Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Celtic Wave QAL

Well, it's already mid-March, and I can't really believe how quickly the month is going. It seems like it was February 1st just last week.

It's the end of the second checkpoint and the beginning of the third. Hopefully, you are keeping up with us, and have been working steadily on Bag #2......

Here's my H units from Bag #1, and my CG units from bag #2. I'm really getting excited to see how these are going to turn out.....I'm almost ready to start the curved piecing!!!

And now we are ready to move on, to Bag #3.......

Checkpoint 3 : March 17 - Bag 3 start 

Bag #3 is a quick one -- just 8 units, so this is a good week to catch up if you are starting late or have gotten behind. Take advantage of that now, because after this section, there is LOTS of sewing each week. So, off to work to get these finished.....

Here's the rest of the schedule for the next couple of months...

Checkpoint 4 : March 31 - Bag 4 start
Checkpoint 5 : April 14 - Curved Piecing
Checkpoint 6 : April 28 - Border Units (if you are doing the Queen)
Checkpoint 7 : May 12 - Start Assembly
Checkpoint 8 : May 26 - All DONE!!!!

How are you coming along on getting your Celtic Wave done??? What colors are you doing???

Happy Quilting!!!


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