Friday, March 21, 2014

Finish It Friday

I only have one real finish this week, and it is a small one...a pillow!

I've looking for the perfect solid comforter for my bed, and I finally found it! It is a dove grey color, and perfect. Of course, I bought a size larger than I needed, because I like the drape to almost hit the floor, since a sleigh bed has nowhere for a bed I bought a king, and I love it! It does make making the bed interesting for those that have never done this before, the comforter goes on sideways. But enough about that.....

On to the pillow. I made a simple block that measured 12 1/2 inches, and put a super simple border on it to make it 15 inches finished. I love it! And the block is from the March BOM, so it's a 2 for 1! I loved it so much I made April's block as well, only I gave it a larger border, so the finished pillow is 18" square. Since the April block is still under wraps, here's a quick sneak peak!

March block with 2" borders, for a finished 15" pillow.

March and April blocks stacked for size reference. 

I also got some blocks finished for various projects....

Bag 3 of Celtic Wave!

And the multi A blocks from Ospreys Nest...still the runners left to do, but hopefully those will get finished today, and assembly on Saturday.

That's pretty much all the sewing I got done, though I did finish a crocheted cowl for a friends birthday, and I pieced my new sign for the booth, I should be able to share both of those next week!

Happy Quilting!!


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