Friday, March 14, 2014

Finish it Friday

I actually have finishes this week!!! Yippee!!

It was busy around here all week, mainly working on Osprey's Nest and doing the standard business work (filling orders, accounting, etc). Busy but good. I got to hang out with Shawn and Kelly on Thursday and work on some new patterns for market, and that was really fun. It had been a while since we sewed together, with crazy schedules and the Puyallap show, we just hadn't had time....but we remedied that, and had an all together great day of chatting and snacking and sewing and apron making.

Today's FIF's are just the kind I like. Totally done! Quilted, bound and ready to go to their new homes. It's a gorgeous day here in Southern California, so the pics are not great, it's super bright and in the low 70's, an absolutely perfect day, which means pics are much too contrasts, but for now, they will do.

First up....a baseball quilt for Holden. The baseball maniac. It's almost double size, big enough for a super generous picnic, or a double wrap on a cold practice night. As you know, I like my quilts to be used. Really, what's the point in show pieces? And how many walls do most people really have? So most of my quilts are bed sized, with cotton batting for washability.

The second finish this week, comes in the form of Meandering Star, which was on my goals for 2014 list. It was on a field trip to Ms. Carrie for some lovely long arm quilting. I got it back on Monday and got it bound on Tuesday, and I love it. The quilting is superb, and really let's the pattern and fabrics sing. Plus it has feathers, and you know how I feel about feathers.

So, here she is : Meandering Stars.

Hope everyone is getting some sewing time in this weekend. What are you working on?

Happy Quilting!


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