Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Well, since it is still least on the Pacific. Coast for the next 24 minutes.....make that 23 minutes...

A quick look at the happenings in the studio....

Celtic Wave QAL progress

All of the units are done, and I am caught up.....yippee!

Osprey's Nest

I just have the final set of geese left for this one....and then it is ready for final assembly. 

All in all, a busy, crazy week around here!

In the meantime, I have also been working on these....

Sign parts....I've mapped it all out, just making it now, with a goal of having it finished in time for the Henderson Show on the first weekend of April....

And that's enough WIPs to keep me busy for the moment. What have you been working on?

Happy Quilting!


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