Friday, March 7, 2014

February Check-In

I can't quite believe that February is over. As in finished a full week ago, it seems like it was just Valentine's Day. February was a little crazy here, Mom had unexpected surgery on the 12th, which put a spin on my month, and my job was eliminated at work, which made for some interesting stressful days. Thank goodness it all worked out (and quickly) and stressing about it was unnecessary. Not that it stopped me in any way shape or form, because, you know some of us love a good reason to stress out. Seriously, I want to be more type B in my next life.

I had pretty big plans for this year, somehow they have morphed a bit, but I am generally okay with that since I was apparently both more and less efficient than I imagined....

The goals as stated at the new year....

1. Captain's Wheel complete and sent to the quilter
2. Celtic Wave (Queen) - Piece Along to start in mid-February! QAL in process, Bag #1 finished
3. Flower's for My Wedding Ring - Got all of my fabrics picked and am ready to get started.
4. Scrappy Trip (44 pairs prepped)
5. Osprey's Nest Bags #1 and #2 finished, working on #3

1. Winter Wonderland - sent to the quilter
2. Glacier Star
3. Mariner's Compass binding is on and finished, I guess I should do a post on this....I did a lot of pics on Instagram and Facebook, but maybe I should do some here on the blog???
4. Compass Rose - sent to the quilter
5. Meandering Star - at the quilter, due back in a few weeks.
6. Captain's Wheel - at the quilter
7. Celtic Wave Queen - 
8. Flower's for My Wedding Ring
9. Scrappy Trip
10. Osprey's Nest

Pattern Writing
1. 2014 Block of the Month - starts on January 13th! - Done. started February 13th. whole year worth of patterns have been scheduled!!! Yippee!!!
2. 5 new patterns for spring market - Designs for 3 done, just need to sew them up.
3. 5 new patterns for fall market

Other projects :
1. Amazon Star finished
2. Pepperdish finished
3. Crackers finished
4. Feathered Star Queen finished
5. Project Destash

Overall, I am pretty happy with the progress this month. Could I have been a little more efficient? Of course!!! Could I have gotten more done?? Possibly. For now, I am happy with what I've gotten done and where I am for the year, now I just need to keep it up (especially because I want to add a few more items and a big move to the list for the year). Yes, I am slightly insane.

How are you doing on your quilty goals for the year???

Happy Quilting!!!



  1. WOW! Great list! You must be doing the CI class for Judy, right?

  2. I am one of Judy's Certified Instructors, in California....I travel and teach and up until just a few weeks ago had a full time "real" job, but now, I have a full time teaching and sewing job, and a part time "real" job. So, much more sewing happening around here!!!!