Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Recap of 2013 - A Year in Review

Before I start talking about the plans for 2014, I thought I should review the ones from 2013, and see just how they came out in the end.....In looking back at posts for the year, I realized that I didn't post nearly as often as I had planned about these....I was good for the first 6 months, and then didn't post, here's the Year In Review

2013's  quilty goals....

1. Finish a new pattern every month for QQ. That's 12 new patterns released in 2013. -- *completed - released 12 new patterns this year.

2. Finish a new Judy quilt every quarter. That is 4 quilts this year. Specifically, I will be working on Coxscomb, Farmer's Star, Feathered Star and Celtic Wave. And the Glacier Star -- because I need to get that one done for teaching purposes. So, I technically met this goal, though I did not finish the quilts that I had planned to finish. Glacier Star, Winter Wonderland, Forever Yours,

3. Attend 2 Judy events -- Asilomar in March, and Montana in August. - *completed

4. Teach 2 Judy classes or retreats each month. - *completed. I taught I total of 43 days in 2013. Way more than I expected. But it was great!!! 

5. Finish up a bunch of Judy quilts that just need final touches -- quilting, binding, borders -

Touch of Spring *completed
Cappuccino Party for 4 *completed 
MiniStars *completed
Summer Solstice *completed
Amazon Star *remains in the finish it pile
Pepperdish *remains in the finish it pile
3 Ducks in a Row *remains in the finish it pile, though the borders are now on the quilt

6. Blog more regularly -- I finally figured out the scheduling feature, so that should help!! My goal is three times a week. I started the year at 102 total posts. This post is 197. so that is a total of 95 posts for the year, which isn't horrible, but it isn't that close to 156 which was my goal. I might have to keep this goal this year and be more aggressive about it.....or take less bloggie breaks, or more pictures (so that I have something to show you), or work less, the real issue is I need more time, so if someone can work out the time machine thing for me that would be fantastic!!!!

7. Learn how to use instagram. Done. You can follow me at queeniequilts

8. Learn how to code in XML for the website. *Done the new site is live!!!!

9. Sew every day -- even of it is only for 10 minutes, or one section of binding! I really should do some binding prep work to have some projects ready to go for this!!!! I didn't do horribly on this one, though I spent as many days cleaning the studio and filing orders and doing taxes as anything else.

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