Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Working Working Working

Did you guys enjoy the Work-A-Long??? It was great for me, it kept me accountable to get things done...and kept me on track (even if I did occasionally go off track). Anyway, I'm going to do it again. I have a couple of people who would like to do the Celtic Wave. It's actually a pretty easy Judy pattern, and a lot of fun, but the units are all the same, and as such a little bit tedious, it kind of all comes together at the end of the CG units....did I mention there are 48 of those units??? Not hard, not complicated, no crazy layouts or Y seams, just some simple easy curved piecing and a lot of geese. A whole lot of geese.

For this one, the schedule is a little different. I've got a lot going on and the deadline is a little looser on this one, so we're going to do 2 week check-ins. And I am going to give you more info about color options. Most of these that get made, stick to one of the original color ways -- green and teal with black accents, or blues with navy accents. Mine will be a little different, for a couple of different reasons.....

1. My geese will not all belong to one color family (the original has all black geese). Mine will rotate around the quilt.
2. Mine will be scrappy (are you surprised)?
3. Mine will be bright (see comment above)...... 

So, let me know if you are interested in playing along with us????

Happy Quilting!!!

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