Friday, January 31, 2014

January Check In

How in the world did I lose a whole week??? It was pretty easy actually, I managed to get the crud....just when I was congratulating myself for not getting in while almost everyone around me succumbed. It eventually caught up to me and hit me like a ton of bricks, and basically wiped out a week....and I am still trying to catch up on all of the things that have to get done and should have gotten done....CRAZY TOWN!

So, just a few updates....I got the center of my Captain's Wheel finished, leaving just the joining of the border units (curves are all done, whew!), and then adding them to the quilt. I'm at the awkward layout stage where I need more space or less dog to make sure that the borders rotate correctly. Hopefully, the weekend will afford me the benefit of just such an adventure. I'll post on that once it is done. It will be this weekend, I promise!!!!

I had pretty big plans for this year, somehow they have morphed a bit, but I am generally okay with that since I was apparently both more and less efficient than I imagined....

The goals as stated at the new year....

1. Captain's Wheel (90% complete)
2. Celtic Wave (Queen) - Piece Along to start in mid-February! (Papers prepped)
3. Flower's for My Wedding Ring
4. Scrappy Trip (44 pairs prepped)
5. Osprey's Nest (Papers Prepped, fabrics picked)

1. Winter Wonderland
2. Glacier Star
3. Mariner's Compass (got it back, it looks fantabulous!!!, now for some binding)
4. Compass Rose
5. Meandering Star
6. all quilts above

Pattern Writing
1. 2014 Block of the Month - starts on January 13th! - total fail at this one
2. 5 new patterns for spring market
3. 5 new patterns for fall market

Other projects :
1. Amazon Star finished
2. Pepperdish finished
3. Crackers finished
4. Feathered Star Queen finished
5. Project Destash

How are you doing on your quilty goals for the year????

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