Friday, January 17, 2014

Celtic Wave Work-A-Long Schedule

So, a couple of people reached out to me on instagram and on facebook about wanting to do Celtic Wave this year, and wanting someone to work on it with. So here's your chance. I will be hosting a Celtic Wave Work-A-Long -- similar to the work along we just finished for Captain's Wheel. This one is going to be a little less intense, since we are going to take 16 weeks to finish it, BUT we aren;t going to have as many run up weeks before we get started. We are going to spend more time sewing and less time picking fabrics and prepping papers, which is why I am telling you so far ahead of schedule. We'll start sewing on Bag 1 on February 17th.

So, if you want to join us, it's time to procure your pattern. In traditional fashion, I'll be holding a sale on them here on the blog until January 27th, with 15% off the pattern and the extension. So, email me your paypal and I will invoice you if you are interested. Main patterns are $25.50, and extensions are $17.85. My email is if you want to place an order or need additional information.

So, without further ado, here is the Work-A-Long Schedule for Celtic Wave

Checkpoint 1 : February 17 - final pre-flight checks, Bag 1 start
Checkpoint 2 : March 3 - Bag 2 start
Checkpoint 3 : March 17 - Bag 3 start
Checkpoint 4 : March 31 - Bag 4 start
Checkpoint 5 : April 14 - Curved Piecing
Checkpoint 6 : April 28 - Border Units (if you are doing the Queen)
Checkpoint 7 : May 12 - Start Assembly
Checkpoint 8 : May 26 - All DONE!!!!

Hope you will join us! See you soon!


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