Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Word of the Year for 2014

Do you plan your year in advance??? I jumped on that bandwagon a couple of year's ago -- in 2012 it was all about Adventure, 2013 was all about Focus, and next year --- BUILD! I have been debating the word for a couple of weeks now. I usually start the planning for the following year in mid-November, as we start pulling out the holiday things, I always find myself nostalgic for years past, and excited for the future....and I start the debate. I like my word to be a verb (though not always a traditional verb). I like it to be forward looking, and like it to encompass all aspects of my life. not just home, and not just work, not personal or professional....but a word that has a commonality for the days and weeks ahead. I like a word that will inspire me, and be a secret reminder of the goals for the year. A word that can guide me through the year. I had a couple of options for this year -- I considered CREATE (and then American Patchwork and Quilting chose that one, and ruined it for me), I considered GUIDE, I considered MOVE, I considered BALANCE. These are all things I need in my life, but they weren't quite right....in the end BUILD was the one that most fit.

  • Building a business
  • Building a new home life -- including an imminent move
  • Building a better body
  • Building a teaching reputation

Needless to say, it fit for me, and with this post I am officially committed to it. I'll give you more info later this week on the goals that fit with each one of these building blocks.

Now I just want to go play with some of those sunflower building blocks.....why didn't they have cool toys like that when I was a kid???

Happy New Year!!! May you have a blessed year!

Happy Quilting!

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