Monday, December 30, 2013

Captain's Wheel Work-A-Long Week #7

The New Year is officially on it's way!!! Just a few more days and we will all be mis-writing our checks and mis-dating correspondence, at least for a couple of days...and then we will all adjust to it being 2014!!! Are you one of those that re-organizes, and resets the house each new year's?  I am not, at least generally. I tend to do those "organization preparation" activities at the start of the school year, in late August and early September. But this year is a huge exception. The start of the school year was crazy, and I simply didn't get to all of the things that I "planned" done, so I left it to now. I spent a large part of Saturday purging closets of clothes and shoes and various other "collections".

I managed to get an entire car full of stuff for the amvets....the trunk and the back seat were both full of non-essentials, duplicates, and don't really wears...and it was fun to get them out of the house. I vacuumed and shampooed the carpets in all of the closets, and got some new containers to better corral the things that I kept. I haven't done the sewing room yet, I will leave that to Wednesday, hopefully I will get all of the projects sorted out for the year and be ready to get back to work.

But for now, let's get back to the Captain's Wheel :  here's where we are :

Week 1 - November 18- November 24 - Paper Preparation,  Bags and playtime *complete
Week 2 - November 25 - December 1 - Fabric Selection *complete
Week 3 - December 2 - December 8 - Cutting out your fabrics. *complete
Week 4 - December 9 - December 15 - Bag #1 - Compass Rose Units *complete
Week 5 - December 16 - December 22 - Bag #2 - Compass Rose Alternate Units - Rights - *complete
Week 6 - December 23 - December 29 - Bag #3 - Compass Rose Alternate Units - Lefts - *Delinquent (see below for my explanation)....

And here is this week's assignment/plan :

Week 7 - December 30 - January 5 - Sewing Bag #4 - Border Units Right

Here's my plan (since I have some catching up to do, I have included those) :

Monday - Week #6 Homework - Bag #3 - Sections 1 & 2
Tuesday - Week #6 Homework - Bag #3 - Sections 3 & 4
Wednesday - Week #6 Homework - Bag #3 - Sections 5 & 6 and Week #7 Homework - Bag #4
Thursday - Week #7 Homework  - Bag #4 - last finish ups
Friday - teaching in Thousand Oaks - no sewing
Saturday - teaching in Thousand Oaks - no sewing
Sunday - teaching in Thousand Oaks - no sewing

What about you??? Have you managed to get all of your homework done???

I have obviously not kept up with this week, and I would like to say that I have a great reason, but the only real reason is that I was bored --- bored of the units from last week, and facing another 48 of them just didn't seem like any fun, so instead, I jumped ahead and did Bag #5, so I have the left hand units for the border done (which is nice). Also nice, is that I am at that point that if I catch up last week's homework and finish this week's homework this week, I will have ALL of the piecing done. Which is probably a good plan, given the calendar for January, which is actually fuller than it was for December!!! It will give me more time to actually work on assembly, since I only scheduled a week for assembly (which looking at that now, seems ridiculous).....

Next up we have....
Week 8 -Jan 6 - Jan 12 - Sewing Bag 5 *complete
Week 9 - Jan 13 - Jan 19 - Sewing Bag 6 *complete
Week 10 - Jan 20 - 27 - Putting it all together

Happy Quilting, see you later this week!!!!

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  1. Happy New Year Catherine, I got behind before christmas but was able to catch up and finish bag 3 this past monday. Had to get ready for big new years family dinner so I won't start bag 4 till thursday. Hopefully I will be on target by end of week.