Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mid Week Update : Captain's Wheel Work-A-Long

It's Tuesday, and not really mid-week yet, but evenings are scarcer than I thought this week.....so I had to alter my schedule and do some pacing....

The 72 units in Bag#1 take me about an hour to process....trim, glue, sew, press style, and there are 10 units in this block, so about 10 hours or so of sewing required. So, I did 2 hours last night, and an hour tonight, and I am up through the gluing of section 4. So slightly ahead of my projected calculated schedule, as well as a bit above my goal for today.....but it's early in the week!

I've been listening to Bonnie Hunter's Quilt-Cam while sewing.....have you ever watched it on YouTube? I've never done one live, but I watch the archives all the time. I sew, while she talks about quilting. Sort of like Craftsy without a project and free!

How do you make it through marathon sewing sessions? Netflix? DVDs? TV? Books on tape?

Happy Quilting


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