Sunday, December 22, 2013

Distractions, Distractions

It has been a week full of distractions. Some expected, and some completely unexpected, some happy, some sad, and some simply weird.....

The biggest by far was the arrival of these.....about 6 weeks early.....not that I am complaining! They are lovely, and wonderful but distracting....I wasn't expecting them until February, so while it is nice to have them here, I want to pet them, and play with them, but right now, is not the time for that. Next week isn't looking good either!

These are the new Quiltworx Bali Pops from Hoffman. Specially selected to be used in the wedding ring series quilts.....they are slightly different than regular pops, as they have 48 strips, which is equivalent to 6 ring color sets.....and they are pre gradiated for you. So you are literally ready to sit and sew ring sets as soon as you get them.

There are 2 groupings, color group 1 is mainly cool colors, blues, greens, a bit of purple, while group 2 is more red, rust, brown. I can't decide which ones I am going to keep......they are both so yummy, and i can see so many options. So, now I have decisions to many to keep for me!!!!

I'll have these up on line just after New Years, but if you would like them before then, please email me or leave me comment, and I wwill paypal you and get them in the mail.

Happy Quilting!


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