Monday, December 9, 2013

Captain's Wheel Work-A-Long

I can't believe it is week #4 already. I swear I said that last week. I did say that last week (how uninteresting are these posts going to be if I say that every week?). Reminder to self, write a new intro for next week!

Here's where we have been :

Week 1 - November 18- November 24 - Paper Preparation,  Bags and playtime *complete
Week 2 - November 25 - December 1 - Fabric Selection *complete
Week 3 - December 2 - December 8 - Cutting out your fabrics. *complete

Just a quick word of warning in the event you are just starting on Week 3 -- there are a couple of extra templates. These are duplicates of existing templates, that because of the number of units cut you have extras of. Don't worry, just put them in your extras bag, so that if you have any miscuts or issues you can pull them out and not have to make any templates! Once your quilt is complete you can just throw these away.

And here is this week's assignment/plan :

Week 4 - Dec 9 - Dec 15 - Sewing Bag 1 - These are the Compass Rose units -- the same ones as the Mariner's Compass center, and the Compass Rose Tablerunner. There are lots of them -- 72 to be exact. I anticipate that I will need every minute of sewing time this week to get these finished. My time this week will be a little tricky, since it's my birthday on Friday, and a quilty Christmas Party on Saturday, my sewing time will be really tight, but I am determined to keep up with these (I can't be falling behind when we really just got started!!!!)

Here's my plan :
Monday - Glueing (is that a word? Gluing looks totally wrong) all of section 1
Tuesday - Section 2 and 3
Wednesday - Section 4 and 5
Thursday - Section 6
Sunday - the rest of the sections

How are you doing on your Captain's Wheel? Are you on track?? Ahead??? I know a couple people had asked about working ahead, and whether that was okay, and it absolutely is. Work on it when you can, if you have more hours this week or next week, and less the week of Christmas, then map it out to fit your schedule. This is just for my schedule, work at whatever pace works for you.

For example -- I had a few extra sewing hours this week that were not anticipated, so I picked up Bag 6, which is the corner units, and worked on it. I knew they would be quick since there only 4 units, with 19 sections each. I got them finished in a little more than 2 hours, and I can mark that off of my list!!!! Now I have a little more play in the schedule if I get behind somewhere in the process.

If you are wondering why I chose to start with those, and not just work on Bag 1 (This week's homework), it was more of a convenience factor that anything. I wanted to sew in the living room, and the more units I have, the more room I need to spread out, and that kind of space doesn't exist in my living room. So, bag 6 was the chosen victim....

Next up we have....
Week 5 - Dec 16 - Dec 22 - Sewing Bag 2
Week 6 - Dec 23 - Dec 29 - Sewing Bag 3
Week 7 - Dec 30 - Jan 5 - Sewing Bag 4
Week 8 -Jan 6 - Jan 12 - Sewing Bag 5
Week 9 - Jan 13 - Jan 19 - Sewing Bag 6 *complete
Week 10 - Jan 20 - 27 - Putting it all together

Happy Quilting, see you later this week!!!!



  1. I have 8 of the 72 Unit A's done - you can see a photo on my Facebook page later today - Crafty Threads, LLC

  2. You go girl!!!! I managed to get all of sec1 and 2 on for all 72, but that was as far as I got last night!