Sunday, December 15, 2013

Captain's Wheel Work-A-Long update

We'll, it's Sunday, and all of Bag #1 should be sewn.....I hope you all made better progress than I did! I got all 72 to this state.....

Which means they are all 70% complete......

When I realized that I wouldn't get them finished in time for this post, I cheated.....I really wanted to see what they were going to look like, so I pulled 8, and added sections 8,9, and 10. Just so I could see....

I love the way they look.....nice and crisp, just like I wanted!

So, they are all 70% and these 8 are 100% close was I really?

Total pieces = 72*10 = 720

Pieces completed = 8*10 + 7*64 =80 + 468 =548

Total completed/total pieces = 548/720= 76%

Hopefully I can catch up this week......wish me luck!

See you tomorrow for the next installment!

Happy Quilting!

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