Friday, December 27, 2013

So, I was a little distracted, and forgot to post my update.....

I am embarrassed to say that I wrote this post last Sunday night, and then promptly forgot about it amid the craziness that is Christmas.....sorry guys, I totally forgot!!!!

Week #6 - Christmas Week.....also know as - What was I thinking????

Are you ready yet??? I am not. I keep thinking I am, but then I realize that I am not, in fact I am not even close.....not that there is anything big to do, but there are a billion little things, and a lot of traffic out there (seriously, it was a two hour adventure at the grocery store for $56.23 in weekly groceries.

Were you able to keep up with us last week??? Have you done your Bag #2 blocks??? Are you ready for this week's challenge. I admit it is going to be a tough one for me.....between the Christmas parties, Christmas activities, and the prep, it may be a tough week to get things done, but I am going to try....though I will admit I expect that I will do most of my trying in the weekend after the big day. And if all else fails, I did Bag #6 already, right???

So, here's where we are :

Week 1 - November 18- November 24 - Paper Preparation,  Bags and playtime *complete
Week 2 - November 25 - December 1 - Fabric Selection *complete
Week 3 - December 2 - December 8 - Cutting out your fabrics. *complete
Week 4 - December 9 - December 15 - Bag #1 - Compass Rose Units *complete
Week 5 - December 16 - December 22 - Sewing Bag #2 - Compass Alternate Blocks *complete

And here is this week's assignment/plan :

Week 6 - December 23 - December 29 - Sewing Bag #3 - More Compass Alternate Blocks

Here's my plan  :

Monday - mad wrapping of Christmas Presents
Tuesday - mad rush filling of Christmas Stockings
Thursday - post Christmas back to work day -- .
Friday - clean the house -
Saturday - Bag #3 (and a little QuiltCam Live with Bonnie Hunter)

Hoping you all had a Merry Christmas, and got lots of fun quilty stuff for Christmas, and are ready to get back to work.....since we are half way through now, I will be posting more pics as I start the design wall layouts and positioning of all of the blocks....super excited to see this one come together!!!

Next up we have....
Week 7 - Dec 30 - Jan 5 - Sewing Bag 4
Week 8 -Jan 6 - Jan 12 - Sewing Bag 5
Week 9 - Jan 13 - Jan 19 - Sewing Bag 6 *complete
Week 10 - Jan 20 - 27 - Putting it all together

Happy Quilting, see you later this week!!!!


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