Sunday, December 1, 2013

Captain's Wheel Work-a-Long Week #2 Wrap Up

This week's task was to sort out fabrics and get everything ready to cut....I managed to find everything I needed, and my background came in! I did make a small change to the dark green for the compasses because I was afraid they might be a little flat, but other than that, everything is the same....

Here's my can see I tried a couple of versions, and eventually decided on one....
 The options to choose from.

My final decision.

I am still a bit undecided about the bias band, but I am sure that I will figure it out by the time we get there.

Here's the fabrics I chose....

The yellows and can't tell in this pic, but the yellow on the left is actually a print. Both the first and last are Hoffman 1895s.

Here are the greens. The middle yellow (picture above) and the lightest green are the same print....but the green on green photographs much better than the yellow on yellow. Again, there are two of the Hoffman 1895s in this group.

The darks....1895 in's really a dark blue, rather than black. I originally had an 1895 Dublin Green, but it looked too flat, so I replaced it. I still have the fabric if I change my mind, but for now, I am liking the hunter dot.

That's it for this week's homework, stay tuned tomorrow for the next set of instructions....

How is your Work-a-Long going? Did you pick your fabrics? What color story will you be telling?

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