Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Some Quick Finishes

Do you even have those times where you suddenly get a wild hair to get something finished, and for some reason all the stars align and you get a bunch of things done, all at the same time??? Do you have any of those little projects that are almost done, but for some reason you just can't seem to get them done? Well, I have lots of them, in fact they tend to collect around here.....just a few seams short of being finished, or a few final rows of knitting, or maybe even the knitting is finished, and then ends just need to be woven in.....those are things I call quick finishes, where if I would just spend the hour or so it takes to finish it, it would be done, and I could get it off of my plate.....

 For some reason, I was really productive this weekend, and got a lot of those little naggies off of the plate....such as this guy..
This is the second copy of my new BOM that will be out in the new year, and that little block is backwards. It literally took me 10 minutes to rip it out and 25 to sew it back in, but it has been sitting on the sewing chair for about 6 weeks. I just couldn't get myself into the right frame of mind to fix it. Seriously lame. I think part of it is because it has a twin, an exact replica so this one took twice as long to piece because I had already made the entire quilt once before. SO, now this little guy is off at the quilter. All fixed and ready for beautification from Kerry. 

I also got these guys all sorted out.....the grey scarf I couldn't figure out how to bind off, it called for a two needle method, and it took me all of 10 minutes to find and watch the video on YouTube and another 15 to complete it. The stripy one just needed to be made into a cowl (seriously, 2 minutes worth of mattress stitch was all it needed). And now, they are both ready for me to wear, which is good, because it is pretty nasty out there tonight. Real winter weather in CA. Frost and everything. Just kidding! It's cold for us, but nothing like what some of you guys have every day....

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