Monday, November 18, 2013

Captain's Wheel Work-A-Long Week 1

So, today is the first day of the Captain's Wheel Work-A-Long....I've divided up the patterns into 10 weekly sessions to get it finished on a strict deadline of January 31st. I've given us some play weeks, so if you want to jump ahead, or anticipate some weeks being super busy, you can work ahead or play catch-up...and I will post updates every Sunday on where I am with getting everything done. My goal is to work a week ahead throughout, so that I can share tips and tricks for selecting fabrics or making units, and maybe I will do some video demos (especially the one for the bias stem that everyone has been talking about)....

And if some of you want to work on other Judy quilts using the same format, just let me know, I can build the packs for those as well....just let me know so that we can get started!!!! 

So, this week is Week 1.
Week 1 - November 18- November 24 - Paper Preparation,  Bags and playtime
This is the week to get your pattern, sort out your papers (this one has LOTS of papers), sort out your bags (you will need 6), cut your papers out and sort them into bags. Once those pieces are done, it is time to play -- make a photocopy of the quilt layout on the back of the pattern and start coloring. I usually make 3 or 4 color stories for each quilt, changing values and items until I have it all sorted out to be exactly what I want. I haven't yet completed this step -- it always takes me an extra long time to get this part right.....

For this week only, I'm having a 10% off sale for the Captain's Wheel pattern, which makes it $54.00, so if you want to get your papers this week, just email me at . I am converting the website this week, so the shop will be down until Friday.

Next Week is Week 2.
Week 2 - November 25 - December 1 - Fabric Selection
This is the week you select all of your fabric for each position in the quilt. This is my favoritest week of the entire work-a-long. I get to pet my fabrics, marry them to new combinations and GO SHOPPING for the ones that I don't have that are perfect for this quilt. This is also a big decision week for the quilt, since we need 8.25 YARDS of background. I must say that I really want someone to do this quilt in a scrappy background set, as I really want to see what it will look like....maybe I will have to do that, depending upon what I find in my stash.

So, time to get to work folks!!!! Below is the rest of the schedule, in case you are curious......

Week 3 - December 2 - December 8 - Cutting out your fabrics
Week 4 - Dec 9 - Dec 15 - Sewing Bag 1
Week 5 - Dec 16 - Dec 22 - Sewing Bag 2
Week 6 - Dec 23 - Dec 29 - Sewing Bag 3
Week 7 - Dec 30 - Jan 5 - Sewing Bag 4
Week 8 -Jan 6 - Jan 12 - Sewing Bag 5
Week 9 - Jan 13 - Jan 19 - Sewing Bag 6
Week 10 - Jan 20 - 27 - Putting it all together

Alrighty then, off to work I go!!!
Happy Quilting!


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