Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hello Tuesday

Well, it's Tuesday...and while lots of people use Monday as their day to greet the week, my Monday's are always crazy. Full of errands and half-to's, and hello posts are about want to's and dreams and aspirations for the week...a place to wish and dream and plan and scheme. So what are you hoping and dreaming for this week....???

I am dreaming of a clean garage, and I am determined to get there. This week is the week. It's garage week. I really want to make it usable space, that complements the house by providing adequate space. and storage But that means that I need to be vicious. Time to get rid of the things that don't meet one of the following three criterias :

1. It is useful.

2. It is beautiful.

3. I love it.

Which means, I'll be making lots of trips to the Goodwill store this week....

Also on tap for this week is a full weekend of teaching. It is a full house this week and we will be working on the second bag for Mariner's Compass. Super excited. On Sunday, we will be working on various projects....a little bit of Mariner's Compass, a few Celebration Tree Skirts, a Snowflake Star Tree Skirt, a Captain's Wheel, and a Sea Urchins -- and invariably there is a surprise or two that I didn't know about!!! Looking so forward to seeing these girls again, the last time we were together was in January, and that is simply too long.

Also on tap this week is continuing my work on the Celtic Wave and Osprey's Nest projects.....so excited to see these coming together.

Other than that, it's just the normal stuff around here.....as most of the friends are off in Puyallup, WA for the big quilt show at WSU (that's Washington State University pronounced WAZU).....they are stopping at Lantern Moon on the way and EE Schenck on the way bag, so there will be tons of new stuff to show and share when they return....

And that is all that I have planned for the week....let's see what actually happens!!!

What are you planning and scheming for the week???


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