Friday, February 21, 2014

Celtic Wave - Fabric Selection

A couple of people have messaged me asking for additional information on the layout for Celtic Wave, since I changed some elements....

Here's the working picture --I hang them on the wall above my cutting table for reference -- It has 3 color families ..... black, teal and green. I used 4 : navy, red, gold and cream. A tribute of sorts......

And the fabrics I chose for mine.....

Lets start with Bag #1 - the spikes

In the original they are black, various prints, but all black. Mine are calls for 4 prints, but I added some additionals, since I worked from stash, and you needed 7" strips, I just added until I had enough to make the master number of segments.

Here is an up cose of the reds....they aren"t quite as pink as they appear on screen, they are true Christmas reds....all but one have some texture: pebbles, dots, clouds, flowers, etc.

The rest of the blacks in the original made up the geese units....I chose 4 navy fabrics for my geese. Again, all dark, but with texture, some stars, some swirls and a damask print. I will also use these for the dark background around the center.

And finally, the golds. I replaced the teals with golds, one just darker than the background (for the light teal replacement) and one significantly darker (for the dark teal replacement). As I mentiooned last week I wasn't 100% on these golds, so I made some sample blocks to make sure that I liked them, and so far I do.

That leaves just the background, NC-28 from Island Batiks, a warm cream with tiny little dots in a circular pattern. A nice subtle cream. I must admit this is one of my favorite backgrounds, I buy it by the bolt because it's just the perfect cream. Not too pink, and not to yellow, and not grey/blue. Just the perfect cream. 

In the original, there are two background (it's hard to see, but believe me, there are). One is used for the background of the center blocks and the corner blocks, the other for the rest. Since I wanted the red, white and blue to really show up, I used only 1 for all of the backgrounds. And I think I am going to like it in the end, even if it is a little boring during piecing.....

And not back to regularly scheduled sewing....Bag #1 is calling my name.

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