Monday, February 24, 2014

Celtic Wave Quilt Along - Weekly Update 1

Well, It's update day....the first week of the QAL is done, and hopefully, you have gotten a few things done. I had a light week this week, so I got a lot of work done on mine.

So, today is just a status update, nothing is actually due today. We are working on Last week's major deliverable : February 17 - final pre-flight checks, Bag 1 start

We have 1 week left to :

  • Pick fabrics (I am doing a red/white/blue/gold color scheme). Complete
  • prep papers and bags (6 bags) complete
  • cut fabrics -- (yes this is the boring part). I kept fabrics 12 and 13 the same for mine, so it will not have as much variation as the original. complete
  • Work on bag 1 units. These are the spike units. They are really simple and a great way to get back in the groove. There a lot of them, so pace yourself. Also, make sure that you pay attention to the instructions, as you need to push some strips forward into bag 3 to make the border units, and depending upon how scrappy/controlled you want these you need to make sure you push the right ones take your time and make sure you get it right. If you have any questions, just drop me a note in the comments or on Facebook. complete
  • If you want to stay up to the minute on progress, make sure that you follow me on Instagram as queenie quilts. I post almost daily various items going on in the studio......
  • If you don't have the pattern yet, email me at, and I will honor the sale from a few weeks ago!!!

We'll check back in weekly, but our next "due date" is on March 3rd, when we will do checkpoint 2 and start on bag #2.

Here's the rest of the schedule for the next couple of months....

Checkpoint 2 : March 3 - Bag 2 start - started, there are 16 light accents, and 24 darks accents in this bag. I have completed the 24, not started the 16 yet.
Checkpoint 3 : March 17 - Bag 3 start
Checkpoint 4 : March 31 - Bag 4 start
Checkpoint 5 : April 14 - Curved Piecing
Checkpoint 6 : April 28 - Border Units (if you are doing the Queen)
Checkpoint 7 : May 12 - Start Assembly
Checkpoint 8 : May 26 - All DONE!!!!

Someone asked me how many total units were in this quilt, so I am off to count.....because those are the kind of challenges that I love!!! I love math. Yes, I know that is weird.

Happy Quilting!!!


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