Monday, January 30, 2012

What an Adventure January Has Been

When I picked my word for the year, I was looking for a little adventure in my life, an little less monotony, maybe a little more excitement. I was thinking a little excitement, maybe a little something new, and it seems that I got it in spades (yes, I know, you should think carefully before you ask, because you just might get it). We've got a lot of changes going on (which seems to be a theme for a lot of people this month), some good stuff, some great stuff, some exciting stuff, and some scary stuff. I am really just thankful that we are all here, and safe and doing our best to learn and grow in the best ways we know how. So, if my blogging is a little irregular, please know that it has more to do with available time than anything else, and once we're back to regularly scheduled programming, I'll let you know.....

So, on to the exciting stuff. This weekend was the beginning of the show season for Queenie Quilts. I was at the Cotton Patchers Guild in Kern County California, aka Bakersfield. It was a really nice weekend, the vendor wranglers were fantastic (thanks again, Jennifer and Whitney), and we were generally spoiled. It was also great to see the girls, both Shawn (Rusty Crow Quilt Shop) and Alicia (The Batty Lady) were there, and since my last show was in October, it had been entirely too long since I had really seen them. So, it was great to catch up on business happenings and have some girl time, while at work. I also got to see some friends from other shops, like Georgia and Richard from  The Calico Mermaid in Porterville, CA. You may remember that I taught at their shop in the fall, and had a blast! It was great to see them, and hear about Richard's adventures with the smoker. When I taught at the shop, Richard made ribs and macaroni salad one night, and I almost moved in, I seriously didn't wanna leave. So, I always want to hear about his adventures in test, Pastrami. So if anyone has any info for Richard on smoking Pastrami, let me know!

While I was away, I got some availability information on Judy Niemeyer's newest pattern called Bali I got online and ordered them for the shop. I'm seriously excited about this technique, as it is a totally new approach to paper piecing. I saw the finished product at retreat in Montana in October, and so I knew a little about it, but I can't wait to try it out. So, stay tuned for info on that.

I also got in a fabric shipment, so we'll have a bunch of new products in the shop in the next week or so, as they make their way to the house. Can't wait for you to see some of the new stuff that we saw at Market.

As I mentioned, it's been a little crazy, so I haven't gotten much sewing done in the last week or so, but I plan to remedy that this weekend with a long weekend full of expect some pics as I get in and get things done.

See you all soon, until then Happy Quilting! 

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